Poker Room Review Rating System

Whether you are new to the poker game or an experienced player, it pays to know about the possibilities of the online game. However, there are so many different poker rooms around these days that it is hard to work out which to go for. Fear no more, for this difficulty is solved with our easy to follow poker room reviews. These reviews give you simple to follow information about each web site, including player difficulty, money and features. If you want to know more about how our poker room reviews work, then here is a guide to get you started.

Star Rating System

We use a star rating system from 0 to 10, with 10 stars being the best and 0 stars being the worst. Many star systems use five stars, but this causes comparisons to appear closer than they actually are, and make users uncertain as to which are the better sites. Our star system attempts to make things clearer for you and so increase your knowledge of which poker rooms are best for you. All sections have a star rating, and there is also an overall star rating at the end of each review.


This section covers the overall history and effectiveness of the site, and the basic features that it offers. The overview will give you an idea of what this particular poker room is about.


The money section covers all of the things you want to know about, including bonuses, payouts and minimum deposits. The money section will tell you how quickly the site pays out, the money on offer, and the methods of payment that they take. If you have a monetary query about a poker room, this section should help you to answer it.

Interface and Customer Service

The interface and software of a poker site is important because it determines how easy and enjoyable it is to play a game. Equally important is customer service, should you have any problems using the site or with money. If these two aspects are right, then the playing experience will be smooth and easy. This section answers your questions regarding both aspects of the poker room.

Player Difficulty and Frequency

A site with extremely difficult (‘tight') players might be a challenge, but will pose a problem for novice players. Also, if there are a lack of players using the site then the money might be lower and the games less varied. The more fairly easy players you have to play against, then the better your chance of winning money. Despite wanting a good level of competition, the main aim is to win money, so a high number of easy players are preferable.


To keep you interested in a poker room, there need to be a variety of game levels and types, both in terms of play and monetary value. If you want to know what sort of tournaments are available at a particular poker room, then this section will tell you what you need to know.

Overall Star Rating

The overall star rating will tell you how the poker room rates as a whole, from 0 to 10. The higher the score, then the better the poker room. Each review will have a summary of the star ratings at the beginning, so you can quickly see if the site is worth your attention.

Now that you know how the reviews work, get reading and find out which poker room will help you to become the player you really want to be and win you the most amount of money.