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Betfair Poker Rating

Review Out of 10
Money 7
Interface and Customer Service 9
Player Difficulty and Frequency 8
Tournaments 10
Overall Star Rating
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Overview -

Betfair poker has been steadily increasing its numbers since May 2004. Owned by Betfair, the first ever and most successful online betting exchange, the company already has an established reputation. Betfair poker has been running the software from its own private network since 2006, and this has guaranteed some of the most solid and reliable online poker play around. It offers excellent play for experienced players, and has some of the most exciting tournament offers around.

Money - 7/10

The size and reputation of the company ensure secure deposit and payout, but there are a limited number of ways to deposit and cash out. The cashouts are prompt, and a currency conversion is available 100% of the time. The “Betfair points” loyalty scheme can be used across the board of Betfair products. The points are accumulated through tournaments and cash games; they are based on the rake of the cash table as a whole which means more points are earned more quickly. The downside is that points are restricted to a reduction in commission on the betting exchange, though further uses are promised soon. The Refer and Earn scheme continues to pay out if the member referred is still playing after three months which can mean a decent earning, but the sign up bonus is less impressive than many other sites as it is rake dependant.

Interface and Customer Service - 9/10

The Betfair support team is attentive and their response time, both by email and phone, is quick with the information clear and accurate. The poker software has some fantastic features such as the player location map which lets you find any active player, and the find player option which will alert you when friends are available so you can sit at a table together. It also has video content which includes celebrity tips and latest news, and the tables are easy to follow and enjoyable to play. There is very little downtime and the site is very easy to navigate. Up to six tables can be played and can be tiled on the screen for ease of play. The lobby details all the information you would expect such as hands per hour and viewed flop percentage.

Player Difficulty and Frequency - 8/10

If you enjoy loose and juicy play then this is the site for you. The site is still growing, and although tournament play is popular, the majority of the action is within Hold´em ring games. The most heavily laden area is low staked and micro No Limit and Fixed Limit Texas Hold´em, though the Omaha games are beginning to noticeably rise in traffic. The 7 card stud game is available in Limit only and so has the lowest action on site. The play is generally loose and has attracted a passive crowd, making Betfair Poker good for both beginners and the skilled online poker player. However, if you are interested in big money cash games, this may not be challenging enough a site for you.

Tournaments - 10/10

This is definitely one of the strengths of the site, with a wide variety of tournaments available, including Satellites to all of the major live tournaments. It also houses the exclusive Poker Masters Tournament where skill can be pitted against top international players. The innovative Threedom Pass will pay for any live event qualified for through a satellite, for three years, including transport and buy-in. The Poker passport scheme also enables players to gain passport Stamps worth $3000 through specific tournament channels, which can e used to buy-in to any live event. Betfair has over $25,000 daily guaranteed and a leadership board to ensure all players get the recognition they deserve.

User Reviews:
Josh Melman     
There are so many online poker sites and many of them fly by night. I am a regular at Betfair games because of the reputation that Betfair has for producing reliable and exciting games. I must confess that Betfair Poker lives up to the Betfair reputation. For me financial security is of paramount importance and I find that at Betfair the deposits are secure; the cash outs prompt and currency conversion is available round the clock. Another reason I frequent Betfair is that I enjoy playing with friends. I am a little uncomfortable playing with strangers. The Betfair system enables me to locate my friends and join their table. We usually play Texas Hold’em ring games, which are available in a variety of formats such as low stakes, no limit and fixed limit games. Tournaments are the forte of Betfair poker with numerous satellite tournaments that offer entry to major live tournaments. I fancy The Poker Masters Tournament that attracts international celebrity players. Though I have not personally used much customer support my friends tell me that the staff is attentive and responsive.
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