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BadBlood Plays Poker

The 10 step-strategy for successful Poker
Posted at 07/01/2007 07 AM in Articles
Are you a beginner hungry for success at Poker? Success starts with learning the basics. With these ten tips, you should be able to taste more success and establish yourself as a successful Poker player.

1. Fold More

As a beginner, you are prone to mistake and the biggest among them is the temptation to play too many hands. Remember, playing more leads to losing more, when you start out. If you do not have a strong hand, it is good to fold.

2. Play Seriously

Poker is not a game played just for fun. It is definitely not a game for the reckless and the meek-hearted. When you play Poker, play it seriously. Do not drink and lose your focus. If it is only fun that you seek, then you might as well stay off the Casino. Sharp game is critical for success in Poker.

3. Donít bluff always

Most of you start playing Poker thinking, bluffing is a must in the game. Bluffs work for some people and in certain situations. There is no written rule that you must bluff, to win. There are times when it is almost impossible to bluff certain players. So, if you are not sure about it, do not bluff.

4. Donít stay in a hand for the heck of it

If you think putting money in the pot means you have to stay in the hand, it is a misconception. Just by throwing money into the pot, you cannot expect to win. In cases where pot odds are called and you find that there is no way to improve your hand, fold right away. If you think, hanging around would help you regain the money you put in the pot, you are wrong.

5. Donít call at the end of a hand

When you feel a player has a hand that he is representing, you donít necessarily have to call. It might be sound good to see if the player really has the hand, but you could lose your bets that way.

6. Play when calm and composed

Poker is not for people who are looking for a place to vent out their anger or depression. It is for people who are rational. If you are not playing to win, there is no reason you should be there in the first place. And this applies even when you are feeling upset after losing a big hand. Opponents are waiting for you to crack-up. So, take a break and start afresh later. Do not get emotional.

7. Pay Attention to the Table

Concentrate on the table as much as you focus on your hand. Look out for possibilities for flush and straight. Pay attention to what your opponents have folded, when you are looking to call them.

8. Observe your opponents

Observe your opponents and look for signs that would help you with useful information. Seize any opportunity you get based on what you have observed.

9. Fight the temptation to play at higher levels

Resist any temptation to move your limits higher up. You might be winning consistently, but that shouldnít tempt you to raise the stakes.

10. Play to your skills

Play to your limits. Know your skills and do not attempt to jump to a higher game. Higher stakes will have players with greater skills. When you are winning money at a lower level, stick to it.

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