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The Three Prominent Poker Player Types
Posted at 10/13/2007 01 AM in General Discussions by Sack.
Very often, you would have come across players who are different from the rest. At the same time, you would play against those who are as easy as a walk in the park. These players are highly predictive and lack any sort of creative imagination. A significant chunk of your earnings comes from losing players. The house takes a considerable rake amount from this huge chunk while the rest is distributed among the winners.

Mostly, poker is played by three distinctive types of players. The first type includes the predictive ones who rely on luck most of the time, the second includes those who put a lot of thought into their game and the third constitutes the poker experts, the players you would have to perform a miracle to beat.

Although the third type is nearly impossible to beat, these players usually settle with minor amounts of money. The second category of ‘solid’ players includes those who lock horns with these players for the winner’s pot which consists of the losers’ money.

Playing against the first category of players doesn’t involve a great deal of effort. This applies even when these players win. Popularly known as PUPs or Predictive Unimaginative Players, this kind stands no chance against solid players. Most of the time, the PUPs leave a significant chunk of money behind as they are weak and more often than not, tight players. These players also depend on providence for winning chances. Solid players, on the other hand, always look to capitalize on any opportunity they are offered by weak, losing opponents. Most of these weak players make innumerable mistakes throughout the game and the solid players rarely miss out on an opportunity to pounce on them. So, if you wish to be a solid player, you must be constantly looking to maximize your profits from a losing player’s goof-ups.

There is a huge difference between solid players and the ‘immovable’ third category in the sense that the former scouts for winning opportunities while the latter is content with improvising on any leeway offered to them. Solid players are great exploiters of situations. To become a good poker player, you must closely observe how each of these three types of players performs. You must study their actions and reactions and how they handle opportunities. A major part of your strategy would revolve around understanding the weaknesses or temptations of these players and leveraging the knowledge gained to beat them or achieve something close to it. If you wish to make money in poker, adapt to diverse situations and develop different strategies to counter different kinds of players.

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