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The Art of Bluffing in Poker
Posted at 11/15/2007 07 AM in Poker Strategy by Sack.
Many people have described poker as a mind game and it is for this reason that bluffing is so very important. Bluffing may be loathed in all spheres of life, but when it comes to poker – a ‘game of chance over skill’ – the quality is deemed to be an art. Like in all other forms of gambling, bluffing is not only essential in a poker game, but also serves as a shield to a player trying to outsmart his opponents. Bluffing often helps a player to keep his opponents guessing about the cards he is holding and may help him to win a pot even with an inferior hand. And such a situation lets the adrenaline gushing through the veins of the player.

As bluffing is fundamental in poker, no gamer can ever expect to ascend beyond the pedestrian level without being adept in this art. However, a universal delusion among most amateur players is to bluff at the slightest opportunity in an attempt to win every hand. Bluffing irresponsibly during a poker game is imprudent and may even prove to be counter-productive if the opponents realize your tactics. Hence, it is crucial to master the skill of bluffing by knowing how to bluff, when to bluff and against whom to bluff.

Again, there are some players who never bluff and it is comparatively easy playing against them. For when they bet after all the cards have been doled out, you may be sure that they have a good hand. This is a clear signal for you to give up your hand, unless you are confident that you have better cards. It is also trouble-free playing against routine bluffers who make calls now and again. As these players tend to bet with cards that even Doyle Brunson would not play with. It is wiser to make calls against such players as you are likely to win more often than not. Thus, playing poker is the toughest against gamers who seldom bluff. These are definitely the better lot of players who will keep you guessing all the time and winning against them is never easy. You need to be very watchful while playing against such opponents and see how they react to the cards dealt ahead of playing.

Generally, when a player looses a number of hands in succession, he becomes restless to get back the loss. And in this endeavor he bluffs thoughtlessly even without good cards, thus making his game more precarious. When you bluff recklessly, opponents will easily recognize that you are bluffing just for the heck of it and will always make a call forcing you to loose more money. A smart poker player will only bluff judiciously using the trick to his advantage. So, the trick here is that you must bluff while playing poker, but do it well and with prudence.

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