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Selecting an online poker room
Posted at 11/14/2006 06 AM in Beginner Topics by The Greedy Gecko.
Selecting an online poker room at some online casinos these days should entail much more than searching out the room with the most players and the largest guaranteed jackpots. Unfortunately, it seems this is the trend for many beginners who do not understand how online poker rooms and online casinos operate and what players are entitled to after opening an account.

Before talking about entitlements, there are several questions players should ask themselves in regards to their personal online gambling expectations. For instance, if your primary interest is in online poker, but you still enjoy playing online casino games from time to time, or even making an occasional sports bet, you should consider opening an account at an all-in-one online gambling site offering all of these services under one account. However, if you do not mind having several accounts with different gaming sites open at the same time, then by all means, seek them out on an individual basis.

Taking an even closer look at your expectations, ask yourself which online casino games you think you would play more than others. If, for instance, you know that progressive slot machines are your cup of tea, you should pay attention to an online casinos game selection and make sure their progressive lineup is fit for your liking. Likewise, if you are set on participating in Texas Hold'em re-buy poker tournaments, be sure you check the tournament schedule of a potential online poker room host to verify there will be plenty of these tournaments available when you open an account.

Once you have a good idea of what your gaming expectations are, you should begin searching for potential candidates to open accounts with by reading through online casino reviews and poker room reviews. If you find the source of the reviews to be trusted and reputable, you should take some time to narrow down your selection and visit the sites themselves. You may also decide to read through online gambling forums to see what other players are saying about your poker rooms in question.

When visiting online casinos, it is important to verify the monthly payout percentages. These should consistently be in the upper-nineties if you are expecting a fair chance at winning some money. If the casinos payouts are not posted, contact their customer support (which you should do anyhow), and find out for yourself. Customer support is probably the most important factor of all when choosing a gaming host whether it be an online poker room or casino - and all players are entitled to fair odds and excellent customer service.

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