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Poker Stars
Posted at 05/06/2013 07 PM in Beginner Topics by The Greedy Gecko.
Pokerstars have an understanding of tilt and how much it can affect a game if a player gives into it too deeply. This is a term that is used to describe the emotions that usually consist of frustration and anger during a poker game. We can usually put this alongside of losing a lot of chips but going on one of these can be the result of losing hands, sessions or being affected by the way that another player is acting during the game. This is not simply the result of making a bad play because of your experience, this is when you play it poorly because the emotions that you are feeling are getting in the way of you being able to think clearly and how you would if you were calm and collected.

There are many triggers that can cause this, and the most common one is a not so good losing streak, opponents who talk trash, card dead, etc. Even not getting enough sleep, not eating or alcohol can cause this to happen and it takes place more often than you might think it does. We can look at the difference causes of it and then recognize them later on. The funny thing about this is that knowledge is power, and until you recognize that you’re on this you cannot stop it most of the time. Many famous poker players play at Pokerstars poker room because it has the biggest player base and lots of tournaments.

Consequences of Emotional Distress

Many poker stars have experienced tilt, and the leak that it causes in their game. If you are ever on this then you may be able to escape from it if you recognize it quickly. The longer this drags on, the worse the game and your loss can get because it could lead to you losing every single chip that is on that table. For the majority of poker players sometimes it is necessary to take a break from the game but for some of those who are more prone to the tilt, the interference is enough to lead into the next game and the game after that. This can result in financial devastation!

There are different versions of tilt for poker stars such as the “Berserker,” which is why a player feels like they are being antagonized by their opponent. This could often be the result of trash talking or experiencing an embarrassing loss. This can involve play that is a little loose and aggressive, not a safe behavior. Sometimes, there is a point of no return when a player is experiencing such a bad losing streak that they come to the realization that maybe they cannot win, and they endure a certain amount of self-pity. He will believe that he can’t win a game at all and abandon any thought of still playing. He could easily leave the game, but he stays and chooses to throw away all of his money.

Even if you are the best poker player, always winning and having the ability to read the moves of your opponent, you can still fall victim to tilt. All of those skills will not do you any good if you give into these petty emotions being that both your ego and your money are constant on the line. If you have a temper problem, you could easily fall victim to this, and you do not have the potential to be a long term winner if you don’t know how to deal with the emotions the right way. First, you’d have to be aware that it was actually taking place.

Being able to recognize when it is happening to you is huge when you have begun to make decisions that are based solely off of your emotions. This isn’t a rational thought, and if you know that this is a problem it might be a smart idea for you to have someone else watch you while you are playing to keep you from falling into that trap. They can alert you when you start to fall over the edge just to increase your awareness of it. Many times we can all be our own worst enemy, and this is a fantastic example of what our own emotions can do to a game if we are not in control of them.

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