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How to Play Rush Poker at FullTilt
Posted at 04/19/2013 08 PM in Beginner Topics by The Greedy Gecko.
How to Play Rush Poker at FullTilt

Now that Full Tilt Poker has reopened under the ownership of PokerStars it means Rush Poker is back. Today there is a handful of poker rooms offering fast-fold poker variants, but the original fast-fold poker game (Rush Poker) was developed by FullTilt.

If youíre tired of waiting for your opponents to act in a hand while you have to wait for the next hand youíll love Rush Poker, as youíll be able to jump from table to table instantly. In this guide weíll explain how to play Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker.

Playing Rush Poker Cash Games at FullTilt

Rush Poker can be accessed on the Full Tilt Poker software in the standard view and basic view lobby. From the basic view lobby you click on the ìRush Pokerî tab to view the list of open player pools that you can currently join and play in.

Once you click on the player pool that you want to join you select how much you want to sit down with. Multi-tabling is allowed on Rush Poker tables, but you need to join the game multiple times. You can join the same game up to 4X at Full Tilt Poker.

You can also multi-table various stakes by joining multiple player pools, but you can still only play up to 4 tables at once. If you have multiple entries in the same player pool the software is designed to ensure your ìentriesî never sit at the same table.

The reason you can only play on a maximum of four tables is because the action is extremely high paced. Players will be able to play roughly 200-250 hands per hour on Rush Poker Holdem tables and roughly 110-125 hands per hour on Omaha tables.

Rush Poker is almost identical to playing a traditional game except for one major difference. Instead of playing against the same group of opponents at one table players play against a pool of players and can instantly move to a new table whenever they fold.

You donít even need to wait for the action to be on your to fold your card. If you click the ìQuick Foldî button youíll be moved to a new table and dealt a new hand once the table fills up with other players, which usually only takes a few seconds.

Rush Poker games run faster when the player pool is bigger because obviously new tables fill up quicker. This means when you join a new player pool make sure youíre joining a pool with the most players or else youíll wait longer between hands.

Holdem, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo tables are compatible with the Rush Poker variant at FullTilt. On the Holdem tables the stakes range from $.02/$.05 to $2/$4 while the Omaha tables have stakes ranging from $.05/$.10 to $1/$2 currently. If you want to play Rush Poker today, you will need to make sure your downloaded software is up-to-date. You can get the latest FullTilt download by clicking here. This will take you to - an outstanding FullTilt review site that has even more information about Rush Poker.

Playing Rush Poker Tournaments at FullTilt

Full Tilt Poker even offers Rush Poker tournaments that players can join 24/7. Make sure you read the complete FAQ at FullTilt because the format is slightly different than a normal tournament, as play goes shorthanded when there are less than 28 players.

When there are 10-28 players in a Rush Poker tournament play will be shorthanded (4 to 8 handed tables). Once the tournament is down to 10 players the final table begins and the tournament reverts back to normal poker, as you can no longer move tables.

Rush Poker tournaments have a huge range of buy-ins ($1.10 - $216) and there are even Rush Poker freerolls. To start playing the worldís fastest poker game head over to Full Tilt Poker and download their software suite on your Windows or Mac computer.

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