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Hold'em – Texas Style
Posted at 07/01/2007 07 AM in Beginner Topics by Sack.
Before you start playing Texas Holde’em, you must have a basic idea of this HIGH card game. The high cards are the Aces, Faces and the Tens. When you are holding two good high cards, you have the best chance at the best hand or at least a draw to the best hand after the flop. The best starting hands are the high card pairs. It could be two aces, faces and tens or suitable pairing of high cards. So, if you are looking to win, play only strong hands that can have a raise or multiple raises from an early betting position. In later positions, it is a good idea to play medium strength or other playable hands when you find that you have a high chance of seeing a flop at a decent price.

Winning strategies involve playing strong hands most of the time, aggressively. You must take all the raises that you can get. Your chances of winning are grim if you do not narrow out the competition. So, play high pairs and strong hands fast before the flop. This will ensure that more money is added to the pot early and it drives weak and garbage hands to fold, in an attempt to get a lucky flop and beat you.

Do not draw to the low end or both ends of a straight. The low part is referred to as the ‘ignorant’ end of the straight. When a 9 8 7 flops, you are better off playing the J 10 than the 6 5 or 10 6. Unconnected Medium and Low cards, that include suited cards that would not be able to flop a straight, are unplayable. This weak category comprises both ends of a straight like 9 5.

When you are playing with starting low pairs, do it carefully. Say, 66 down to 22. If you are unable to flop a set or quads, you should ideally fold. Play fast when you have a two way draw after the flop. If you find that you can make a straight and a flush or trips etc., bet or raise your hand.

A good strategy after a garbage flop is betting an Ace or two high overcards after a garbage. If someone raises, it is good to fold. Look out for uniform flops like 8 7 6. These can quite often turn into straights, which can surpass your high pairs or other good hands.

Most importantly, look out for Suited Flops that can make a completed flush. Ideally, you should hold the nut in that suit, or hold trips or a two pair that can fill up. And remember, aggressive play is always the best ploy in Texas Hold’em

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