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Draw Poker Games
Posted at 05/12/2008 12 AM in Beginner Topics by The Greedy Gecko.
Admittedly, draw poker games have not yet realised the popularity of other games, such as Texas Hold’em. But this is bound to change in the future. Draw games may lack the excitement of the fold, where communal cards are dealt face up and often make or break a player’s hand, but they require an even sharper eye for sizing up opponents. Needing to closely observe how players bet, how many cards are discarded and how much bluffing has gone on makes Draw games challenging, interesting and intricate. Mastering a draw game now, before it becomes the next online gaming hit, will give you a real advantage when it booms. This article will run over the basics of five card draw.

Five Card Draw should be played with antes. This means that before any cards are dealt, every player contributes a set amount to the pot. This usually increases as the game progress. However it is possible to use the Blinds system. Traditionally, five card draw is played without limits. Of course, it is easy to find draw games in online poker rooms with limits. New players should always play in low limit games. As there are no communal cards, the pot size is liable to grow very big, very quickly.

After the ante has been paid each player is dealt five cards. This is followed by a round of betting. Each player may check, bet, raise, call or fold.

• Check – Only available until a player places a bet. No money is placed in the pot, and the betting proceeds to the next player.

• Bet – Placing chips into the pot. From this point on players can only call, raise or fold.

• Call – Equalling the amount betted. Once a bet has been called, it can not be increased by either the better or the caller. However, if a different player raises the bet, all players may raise until it is called, and so on.

• Raise – Exceeding the size of the bet. For example, he equalled his hundred and raised him fifty.

• Fold – Leaving the hand. A player who folds loses all the money he has placed in the pot.

When the betting is over, players take turns to discard their cards. A player may discard as many or as few cards as he or she likes (from none to five). The player is then dealt an equivalent number of cards. If a player discarded four cards, he will receive four new cards. After all players have discarded another round of betting takes place. This follows the exact same procedure described above. When playing with limits, there might well be a limit on both the amount you can bet and raise, and how many times a bet can be raised in each round. Before playing be certain you ware aware of all the possible limitations.

It is easy to learn the rules of five card draw, and after a few games you will start to appreciate the differences between this game and other poker games.

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