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Defending and Attacking Blinds – The Key to Higher Profits
Posted at 09/19/2007 04 PM in Poker Strategy by The Greedy Gecko.
There are several ways to win a poker game. When it comes to success in blinds, some players are extremely good at defending their blind equity although they may not be very good at seizing blind equity from other players. Some players are far too liberal when they are in the blinds, but are extremely good at seizing blind equity from the hands of other players. There is another group of people that loses a fortune due to recklessness in defending their equity. However, these players attack their opponents’ blinds fruitfully to win overall.

Imagine you are playing $20/40 Hold’em. There are nine players and in four rotations, thirty-six hands are played in an hour. Considering you wish to make around $1 per hand, you can make about $36 per hour. And, the rake is $18 per hour. So, to beat the rake you have to calculate at $1.50 per hand to be able to sustain the original win rate of $36 an hour/$1 per hand. This might appear to be an uphill task for many players. To be able to beat the rake is not easy for many. Although they might make a profit of 7 to 8 dollars per hour, they would end up being 12 to 13 dollars less due to the time collection or the rake.

To be able to sustain the winning rate, players have to put $120 of blind bets into the pot every hour, which includes a $20 big blind and a $10 small blind each orbit for four orbits. Evidently, the blinds would be far greater than the rake and the winnings goal. This translates to winning $3.33 a hand just to compensate the cost of the blinds. However, the blinds cannot be strictly considered a ‘cost’ as it can win you additional money when it is in the pot that you have your equity in. Integrating all these factors, you have to win $4.83 per hand or $174 an hour to maintain your winning rate of $36 per hour/$1 per hand. To achieve this, you have to use the betting rounds to make $174 from the pots played in. The point made here is not to achieve this every single hour, but to understand the overwhelming task of beating the blinds that overshadow even the rake and win rates.

To be successful with your blind play, you have to ensure that you give very little away by way of equity to other players when you are forced to make a blind bet. And, when your opponents have the blinds, use the opportunity to extract their blind equity. The basic idea is to wisely attack when your opponents have the blinds and deftly defend yours. Do not ignore the importance of the blinds.

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