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Common Mistakes Poker Players Make
Posted at 09/14/2008 02 AM in General Discussions by Wiggie.
Poker, as any and everyone who have tried their hands at the game or who know how the game is played will tell you that Poker is a game of skill. No doubt a little luck will go a long way in any game, but poker is game of wits where you have to know when to hold and when to fold and how to play your hand to the best advantage. In addition to the game being a battle of wits, it is also necessary to note that poker can bring in a lot of money and players have often walked away millionaires after a game of poker. All this makes poker a very important game and every mistake can cost a player the prize.

There are several mistakes new poker players make. Some mistakes happen because the novice players aren’t prepared. Also, because of the popularity of poker on television and online, the game appears to be a lot easier than it is.

Mistakes made most often are betting out of turn and bluffing too often. Wait until the player to your right makes his move before you place your bet. Players who didn’t place their bets yet could gain an unfair advantage from you jumping your turn.

A common mistake for a beginning player is using the bluff too often. Although bluffing is an important part of the game, it is often over-rated in low stakes poker. Since another player will often call, you should be cautious when bluffing. Often, more experienced players “get away with bluffing” because they have more knowledge about setting up the bluff. If you bluff sparingly, you could become more successful it. A good rule to follow is “the lower the limits and the smaller the bet, the less likely it is to pull off a bluff.”

Check before you fold. Sometimes a player will fold too soon. If you are the first player to act, you can check. If you get lucky enough, the other players will check. Then you will be able to see the next card for free. If the other players check before your turn, you should also check. Your hand could be made by the free card.

It is also a good idea that you try to learn the fine points of playing poker. One of them is to always know what the bet is. Also, know when the bet is raised. Always place your bet in front of you. The dealer will see if your bet is correct. Never throw the chips into the pot; let the dealer do it. Also, if you raise before your turn, a player who might have called could fold. If you fold before your turn, the player to your left will now know you won’t raise.

Be careful about throwing in your cards too soon. Let the dealer announce the winner. Don’t assume you should fold immediately if you think someone has a better hand. Be careful; you could have a better hand than you think, and miss being a winner. Protect your cards. Put your hands or a chip on top of your cards. You want to make sure another player’s cards don’t get mixed with yours. If a player throws in the cards, and your cards are mixed in, your hand will also be declared dead.

Learn to control your emotions. Besides not showing through facial expressions whether your hand is good or bad, work at keeping a good temperament. Don’t curse or rant and rave while playing. No matter how upset you get if you are losing, don’t take it out on the dealer or on the other players. Even if you do lose for the night, you may be a winner the next time you play. As you gain experience, you will enjoy playing poker more, and make fewer mistakes in the process.

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