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Game Selection
Posted at 12/30/2005 12:19:52 PM in Beginner Topics by The Padawan.
Game Selection --- When I started playing on line I loved the SnGs. They only took about an hour, and I knew exactly how much I was risking, namely the buy in. If you havenít noticed, I donít like to risk my money, so the SnGs fit the bill and made me comfortable. I played like crazy the first week...

Very Naughty Month
Posted at 12/29/2005 05:42:23 AM in Personal Poker Experiences by Sack.
Very Naughty Month --- The cruel hand of fate and the inevitability of variance continue to trample upon my tired poker soul. At first it was actually kind of cute. You know, like ďAwww, ha ha, those cards really sucked that whole tournament.Ē Like some sort of virus entering my bodyÖ starting off as a...

Get Over It (Wise Words Follow)
Posted at 12/20/2005 03:56:56 PM in Beginner Topics by Sack.
Get Over It (Wise Words Follow) --- Sometimes you just run out of things to say, get too lazy to say them, lose motivation for finding these things, or even find something else that says exactly what you needed to hear/say. Usually itís a combination of more than one of these things. Singers and songwriters do this...

Poker As a Part-Time Job
Posted at 12/20/2005 06:46:30 AM in General Discussions by The Greedy Gecko.
Poker As a Part-Time Job --- In the whirlwind of events that has been my professional life as of late, I have struggled to find the place where poker fits in. My initial exploits in poker were those of a hobbyist simply looking to play for fun while enjoying small and steady profits. However, as the profit...

Variance Sucks
Posted at 12/15/2005 02:10:06 PM in Personal Poker Experiences by Sack.
Variance Sucks --- When I last wrote with an update I had finally lost after a nice little hot streak there. Well, now eleven days later Iíve managed to drum up several curse words and probably even made up a few new ones in the process. December is quickly becoming a bad month in my mind, as I wil...

Hand Selection part 2
Posted at 12/13/2005 08:15:05 AM in Beginner Topics by The Padawan.
Hand Selection part 2 --- I mentioned in my last post that I have made some monster mistakes in my quest to become a serious poker player. One of the monster mistakes was ignoring the probabilities in pushing hands post flop. The lesson learned from this is simple. If you are going to be a serious poker p...

Online Poker Is Rigged... P.S. Iím A Moron
Posted at 12/04/2005 05:43:58 PM in Personal Rants by Sack.
Online Poker Is Rigged... P.S. Iím A Moron --- This is what I like to call a frustration piece. That is where something finally gets on your nerves just enough that you have to vent it out. So in the fine words of Peter Griffin:

ďYou know what really grinds my gears?Ē All these people wasting valuable bits of cyber...

Newbie Poker Hand selection
Posted at 12/04/2005 01:51:37 PM in Beginner Topics by The Padawan.
Newbie Poker Hand selection --- Greetings everyone. I am a middle aged man who has been playing home game (for fun) poker most of my life. I also spent about a year playing (and losing) on line. I decided a few months ago that I could be a winning player, so I began to take it seriously. I have now played serio...

December Already?
Posted at 12/04/2005 12:31:31 PM in Personal Rants by Sack.
December Already? --- Iíve always been a superstitious person. I suppose as a baseball player it was always a natural thing for me. So over the course of my poker playing, I notice that generally when Iím running good and write something about it or tell someone how itís going, I tend to find a cold s...

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