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The Honor Of Being Feared
Posted at 10/29/2005 07:11:42 AM in General Discussions by Sack.
The Honor Of Being Feared --- p1_ivey_0714.jpg

Would you want that staring you down as you make a decision? I know I sure wouldn't! I'm happy to say one of my favorite players to watch and learn from ca...

Learn How to Build a Poker Table - Free Plans!
Posted at 10/27/2005 11:29:37 AM in Free Poker Tools by The Greedy Gecko.
Learn How to Build a Poker Table - Free Plans! --- Nothing gives home games a more realistic and exciting feel than simulating the casino experience with some degree of accuracy. Quality chips, cards, and perhaps most importantly, a real poker table all enhance the atmosphere of your home games.

For those Bob Vilaís o...

Sailing The Pacific (Pacific Poker Review)
Posted at 10/27/2005 07:07:40 AM in Website Reviews by Sack.
Sailing The Pacific (Pacific Poker Review) --- ďFind out why everyone is playing pokerÖ at Pacific PokerĒ is what the little popup exclaims as you exit their site ( ) I hate pop-ups, but have grown to accept them as a fact of virtual life regardless of what software I may ...

Put On A Clean Pair
Posted at 10/25/2005 06:05:05 AM in Personal Poker Experiences by Sack.
Put On A Clean Pair --- I was always a pretty good hitter in baseball. Sure Iíve always been smaller, and in my younger days if I was going to hit a homerun it would have to be an in the park one. As I grew up to what was generously listed in your program as 5í7Ē and a buck sixty I even began to get res...

Lie, Cheat, And Steal
Posted at 10/23/2005 06:20:37 AM in Tournament Strategy by Sack.
Lie, Cheat, And Steal --- With the exception of the ďcheatĒ part of the title, an absolute necessity of the game we play includes lying and stealing. And what fun it can be! Poker must be the only facet of life in which lying and stealing are not only accepted as norms, but are also an integral part of be...

The Sound of Silence
Posted at 10/23/2005 04:53:55 AM in Personal Rants by The Greedy Gecko.
The Sound of Silence --- You may be asking yourself what in the world a poker blog is doing titling a post after a Simon and Garfunkel tune Ė if you didnít catch the song reference, then you need to expand your musical horizons. Well, the purpose of this post is not really to talk much poker, but to mak...

Gotta Write Something Sometime
Posted at 10/22/2005 06:00:22 AM in Personal Poker Experiences by Sack.
Gotta Write Something Sometime --- OK, so itís been over a week since Iíve written any sort of update. Itís not that I havenít wanted to, Iím just in one of those modes where I get all these great ideas to write about- but then once I start on them I get distracted before I finish it and start a new idea. So Iím l...

World Series of Poker Main Event Schedule
Posted at 10/13/2005 01:49:19 PM in Q&A by Sack.
World Series of Poker Main Event Schedule --- All the following listings are in Central time and are for Charter Communications in central Alabama. Your listings may vary.

Original broadcast at 7:00 and 8:00 pm on ESPN
replayed at midnight and 1:00 am on ESPN2 2:00 and 3:00 ...

Someone Spikes Punch At Party
Posted at 10/11/2005 10:29:32 AM in Website Reviews by Sack.
Someone Spikes Punch At Party --- So the big news this week thatís flooding every message board and poker related site is what all is going on at Party Poker. Some big changes, some small new things, and a whole lot of hype and confusion. Iíve been reading up and trying to figure it all out, and hopefully I can b...

Playing "My" Game
Posted at 10/06/2005 02:49:00 PM in Personal Poker Experiences by Sack.
Playing "My" Game --- The month of September didnít wind up showing a whole lot of fruitful results for me. It wasnít a bust completely, I showed a small profit overall for the month, but nowhere near what I have been doing nor was it close to what I should be making given the levels I was frequenting...

Bitter Sweet Redemption
Posted at 10/03/2005 05:22:19 PM in Personal Poker Experiences by Sack.
Bitter Sweet Redemption --- So Iíve been sick all weekend. I donít remember feeling this badly since morning after nights that I donít have any recollection of. Laid up on the sofa inside for the better part of four days straight would normally actually be a semi vacation for me under normal circumstances, ...

Poker & Luck Ė Enough is Enough!!
Posted at 10/03/2005 09:41:55 AM in Personal Rants by The Greedy Gecko.
Poker & Luck Ė Enough is Enough!! --- Being such a hot topic nowadays, poker seems to regularly work its way into casual conversations in both social and professional situations. Those without experience in the poker world tend to have fairly similar questions/comments:

  • Donít you worry about losing? ...

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