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Square One
Posted at 08/31/2005 08:53:04 PM in General Discussions by Wiggie.
Square One --- This week has been pretty much as bad as I think it can get poker-wise. I've lost all the money I made last week, plus a little. I just feel completely beaten down. I made some mistakes, like I always do when I play, but the majority of the losses have been due to suckouts or ...

Rainbows and Kittens
Posted at 08/29/2005 03:03:15 AM in General Discussions by Wiggie.
Rainbows and Kittens --- After a slow start followed by a maddening downturn, my first week of jobless poker skyrocketed into a resounding success. I can only assume that the plea in my last post convinced the poker gods to take pity on me, as since then my cards have improved a skrillion-fold, my confi...

Affirmation In Negative Times
Posted at 08/25/2005 01:40:34 PM in General Discussions by Sack.
Affirmation In Negative Times --- In the short few months I hav? actually been playing poker I feel like I have come a long way and played very well. And when I say few months playing, I donít mean as in ďIíve played some form of poker for {kittens} and giggles and now I play seriously. I actually mean Iíve only ...

Make it Stop!
Posted at 08/25/2005 05:52:49 AM in General Discussions by Wiggie.
Make it Stop! --- It seems like only yesterday that I was posting about my moderate success, spouting optimism and touting the freedom of my new life. What a fool I was. So young, so naive. I've come to realize over the last twenty-some-odd hours that poker hates me, and I it. Let me explain. ...

Mediocre Poker
Posted at 08/23/2005 11:33:50 PM in General Discussions by Wiggie.
Mediocre Poker --- It rhymes. Cute. Anyway, this is the second official day of my poker career. So far things have been pretty lukewarm. I haven't won any huge pots, nor have I lost any. My big hands have held up for the most part, so I can't complain about that. There just haven't been many ...

It's Gecko's Fault
Posted at 08/22/2005 06:44:01 PM in Personal Rants by Sack.
It's Gecko's Fault --- Of course after reading Mr. Gecko's rant about bad beats it was bound to come down upon me... and how!

Yesterday I took a well deserved day off from both working as well as poker (well, I played an hour of poker, but thatís an off day for me). This afternoon after I g...

Poker Tilt and Bad Beats Ė Wishing Pain, Suffering and Death on Your Opponents
Posted at 08/22/2005 07:58:32 AM in Humor by The Greedy Gecko.
Poker Tilt and Bad Beats Ė Wishing Pain, Suffering and Death on Your Opponents --- Before we get too deep into this post, I would like to emphasize that I do not condone any form of violence unless required for purposes of self-defense. Additionally, I realize that a large part of generating profits from lower stakes poker lies in capitalizing on the poor play...

Chasing the Dream - An Introduction
Posted at 08/19/2005 09:46:01 PM in General Discussions by Wiggie.
Chasing the Dream - An Introduction --- Like so many others in the post-Moneymaker poker boom, I'm fairly new to poker. I got the bug while watching the 2004 World Series of Poker. Although I didn't know anything about hold 'em or much about poker at all, I was intrigued and began learning as much as I could about th...

You Have Time
Posted at 08/19/2005 05:34:35 PM in Poker Strategy by Sack.
You Have Time --- So you're on your way to work enjoying your talk radio during your favorite time of day, rush hour traffic. You are taking the slow and sure way to get there on time, since you are a safe driver... right? And then inevitably here come that maniac flying in behind you, swerving be...

Wives and Poker
Posted at 08/15/2005 07:58:25 PM in Humor by The Greedy Gecko.
Wives and Poker --- Poker players who are either married or in serious relationships can appreciate the delicate balance that must be struck between poker and quality time with the significant other. As a married man, I can personally attest to the challenge in managing these competing activities. ...

Knowledge Is Power
Posted at 08/14/2005 01:56:13 PM in Beginner Topics by Sack.
Knowledge Is Power --- One of the biggest mistakes I see on the poker tables is people playing WAY over their heads and understanding of the game. I love seeing these people at the tables- and you donít want to be THAT person.

It looks so exciting on TV with all the drama. People pushing al...

Moving Into Scoring Position
Posted at 08/10/2005 02:49:27 PM in Tournament Strategy by Sack.
Moving Into Scoring Position --- I stepped up to the plate that hot summer day drenched in sweat. We were down by a run in a tight game and time was running short for us to come back. With a runner on first and nobody out this could possibly be our last chance. Our fans chanted my name, trying to pump up the...

Sack's First Entry
Posted at 08/09/2005 02:54:48 PM in Other by Sack.
Sack's First Entry --- "Hi, my name is Sack and I'm a poker player...." I figure a quick easy introduction such as that is warranted as I sit here like a first day in rehab, wondering who or what I should be. I can share with the group that I am an important business man, a doctor, a lawyer, or anyth...

Calling All Prospective Blog Authors Ė Free Poker Blog!
Posted at 08/09/2005 08:33:21 AM in General Discussions by The Greedy Gecko.
Calling All Prospective Blog Authors Ė Free Poker Blog! --- In the words of the great songwriting, but whiney singing Bob Dylan, The Times They Are A-Changin'! Albeit a little less revolutionary than the social changes of the 1960ís, will be undergoing some major changes in the coming weeks. You may have noticed the recen...

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