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December Already?
Posted at 12/04/2005 12:31:31 PM in Personal Rants by Sack.
I’ve always been a superstitious person. I suppose as a baseball player it was always a natural thing for me. So over the course of my poker playing, I notice that generally when I’m running good and write something about it or tell someone how it’s going, I tend to find a cold streak immediately afterward. So this time I hit my good playing days, and shut my mouth and keyboard up about it for the last week. I made the conscious decision to just play when I could, until it ended in some way, shape, or form.

So what was this week? Not a huge amount of profit as I didn’t have time to play much. I picked up several extra shifts at the pool hall again as the beer bitch. But when I wasn’t working or dead tired I’d hop on to play a few sit-n-goes.

At first it seemed to be bad. My normal 20 man SNG changed the payout structure to award 1st place more money, but it completely shafted third place due to it. I always play to win, but if I come in third out of 20 people I want it to be worth the hour of my life spent there. So now my normal tournament was only worth it if you came in first or second. So I checked out the next higher twenty man, which was changed now too. But this one the opposite way. Now this one pays out to top 5 rather than top 3. Bad for first and second, but to my delight I could merely place fourth and make about the same profit that second would get on the other tournament. And if I screw up and get 5th then there’s nothing lost. The only negative besides first not getting a big enough chunk was that I’d have to adjust my minimum bankroll to handle the larger fluctuation of a bad streak. Rather than deposit some more I decided to roll the dice and play the next higher tournament and go from there.

And go I did. I actually played very bad and didn’t get jack the whole time, but I managed to pull a second place finish out of my dark regions to win nearly enough to cover the extra cash needed for my new plans. I called it a night, and the next morning I hopped into what would be my new normal tournament. I played it very well, especially considering I still was getting no cards. I got to the money based on bluffs and a good payoff on the ONE good hand I did manage. When all was said and done I cleared enough to cover what I felt I needed. So then I took a break to go to an appointment.

When I got home I hopped back on because I was feeling solid about my play. A nice message popped up about how money was credited to my bankroll. “Sweet!” I think as I figure I got some bonus or maybe a friend signed up. Then I look at my money to see it all gone but for twenty bucks! This put a damper on the day. I immediately call support, and am assured it would be fixed… but it didn’t happen until after I had to go to work. So no play while I was feeling hot.

That morning when I got home from work I checked it out, and they had fixed my problem (note: I’m now giving Pacific poker’s support team an A+ for how they handled it in a timely and friendly manner). So I played some. And I played good, and got good cards, and made good reads, and for 4 days straight I cashed in every single tournament I played-- be it a SNG or multi-table, I was a tenant of in the money. So I wound up making my quota for about 2 weeks in advance now and am ahead of the game for the time being.

Obviously I have now actually lost, since I am writing something. A mixture of boredom and overconfidence saw me take some unusual chances early on in two tournies. I actually got in against what I thought each had, and once I was the favorite, but I still lost both and got put out quickly on pots I normally wouldn’t risk. Oh well, I needed a loss to keep my head straight anyway.

But that’s my little update/ brag for now. Just had to let y’all know I’m still alive and well, and hopefully can get back to posting regularly. Don’t forget to welcome our newest writer The Padawan. He should be fun to watch grow, I consider him a friend of mine and he is a great writer… so when he posts make him feel at home!

Tired, Sack

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