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Gotta Write Something Sometime
Posted at 10/22/2005 06:00:22 AM in Personal Poker Experiences by Sack.
OK, so itís been over a week since Iíve written any sort of update. Itís not that I havenít wanted to, Iím just in one of those modes where I get all these great ideas to write about- but then once I start on them I get distracted before I finish it and start a new idea. So Iím left with many beginnings of really great things to write about, but no completed stuff to actually post. Even as I write this paragraph something else just hit me, but Iíll fight the urge and try to throw something together to at least give you good peoples something new to read.

Usually on a site such as this, a lack of writing usually means a bad run. Itís hard to suck it up and write about things that arenít going too well. Itís easy to write all these hero stories of great plays and things youíve won, itís hard to swallow the pride and post something about how you screwed up. Fortunately for me this update-less week has been just the opposite. Iíve actually had a very consistent week. Itís been tough, but Iíve been winning.

Last weekend through Wednesday brought forth easy wins. The kind where I just couldnít mess it up if I tried. I found myself easily cashing in at least 75% of the tournaments I played. I played as well as I ever have, I got cards when I needed them, and it was all very natural. I was playing so strong and so confident that I never even sweated losing a big pot, or being down big, because I knew Iíd pull out of it. I even finally successfully completed a nice chip and a chair comeback. Not only did I cash in it, I actually won the damn tournament. It was a hell of a feeling. Took some luck of course, but luck only got so farÖ I played my ass off to come back!

But if good runs and perfect play lasted forever weíd all be millionaires by now. Thursday came and my play still felt great, but the cards stopped coming. I struggled through that day and still managed a little profit. The big one was where I actually got in the money one tournament in which I got absolutely no cards. Yep, absolutely no hands that I considered really playable. I managed to make do with some junk I had, some blind stealing, and a few bluffs. Somehow I survived into the money. So with it down to three I finally had to gamble on some hands that didnít look good to meÖ but I was lucky to be seated to the right of the big stack who thought heíd win anything as long as he had 2 cards in front of him. Eventually I built a nice mound of chips through his donations. Now I could play bully, and it worked and finally when the dust settled I won that tournament. I needed it too, because the rest of that day I wasnít so lucky.

Now as I write this I am continuing what I still consider my Friday play, and today has been dry as a bone. Still getting no cards, any cards are play do not hit they way I need, and I keep coming up just short of the money. On one hand Iím happy to be coming close to the money considering the run of cards Iím seeing right now, on the other hand losing money is never fun. And then once, in a super fast extreme nitro whatever MTT I played, I actually got a hand! I see AA pop up, Iím in a chip position where doubling here could pretty well allow me to easily roll into the money and play a few more hands. So I consider my raise, but punched the wrong number key. As I correct it, my time to make a decision runs out and itís folded (only a friggin 7 second time to decide!). Of course two people went all in, I would have tripled up and been amongst the chip leaders. Instead Iím still on the borderline, and wind up going out about 15 spots from some money. The rest of the time has been filled with bad cards, ugly boards, and bad beats. Fridays have never been good for me, today is no different.

So thatís my week. Nothing exciting. No big world altering theories, no funny jokes, nothing of any real interest at all. But what do you expect? Itís 5 in the morning here and I just got off work!

Sleep Deprived As Usual, Sack

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