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Who sits on a wall anyway?
Posted at 09/10/2005 06:29:00 PM in Personal Poker Experiences by Sack.
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wallÖ and well you all know the rest. Bottom line that guy fell hard and got busted up pretty good. Overall I imagine it was a pretty bad day. Well, thus far today my results have been no different, and I sure am cracked up pretty good.

Guess it really started last night. I was tired, and usually when Iím tired like that I either play great or I play very bad. I played two quick sit-n-go tourneys and chalked my losses up to being tired and logged off to give my house some well deserved cleaning. Iíd start fresh today.

It didnít take too long to realize that it just wasnít going to be my day. I just wasnít getting the cards and nothing was hitting (man it seems like Iíve been saying that a lot lately). Finally Iím pretty short stacked and get A-Q suited. I give a standard raise and have one caller. Finally, salvation comes in the form of a queen on a rainbow flop, along with a 4 and a 8. I go ahead and move and get a quick call. Iím not too worried, since he called a raise pre flop the only hand I see he may have better would be trips, KĎs or Aces, but I doubt it since he didnít push me first. Turn comes a 6, river a 10. I feel I know I have it won, until he flips over the dangerous 5-7 off suit for the straight. This baffles Humpty Dumpty, because even a stupid egg knows not to call a raise with 5-7 off suit, and then call an all in with only a gutshot straight draw. Even if he had me on a bluff (which I doubt since I had been tighter thanÖ. Well Iíll keep it clean this time) what hands could I have that werenít ahead anyway.

For the sake of time, Iíll spare descriptions of all the hands something like this happened on today. But suffice to say that out of 7 hands that I had all my chips in with the best hand at the time, I won exactly 0 of them. While I know you lose some of them and all that good stuff, being as much as a 5-1 favorite on some and losing every single one does get frustrating. Usually I like the weekends, the kids are not in class and are ready to dump some money playing like they see on ESPN. I guess the square pizza with dry brownie lunch tray is on me this week guys.

So Iíll go get ready to work the night job now, and fire up the old telegraph machine to SOS all the kings horses and all the kings men, and maybe by tonight when I get back they can put me back together again. If not guess weíre all having eggs for breakfast.

Scrambled with bacon, Sack


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