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Square One
Posted at 08/31/2005 08:53:04 PM in General Discussions by Wiggie.
This week has been pretty much as bad as I think it can get poker-wise. I've lost all the money I made last week, plus a little. I just feel completely beaten down. I made some mistakes, like I always do when I play, but the majority of the losses have been due to suckouts or to having a really good second-best hand. I can't remember all of the big pots I lost, and I really don't care to relive them. I mentioned in another post about playing scared and fearing that someone else always had the nuts. Well, this week someone has had the nuts, or close to it, every time I've had a big hand. I can't explain how frustrating it is to play for hours and hours getting terrible hands, then as soon I make a big hand, someone else has a better one and takes all of my money.

I hardly played at all today, because I felt that I would just be throwing money away no matter what I did. In fact, I cashed out my entire bankroll from Pacific this afternoon, partly out of frustration, and partly because their software is unbearable and I'm just sick of it. I've known all along that Pacific sucks, but their players are the worst I've come across, so I stuck it out. Over the past several days I've been getting disconnected intermittently, so that, combined with the inability to play more than one table, and their complete joke of a bonus system, has made my decision to move to another site pretty easy. I'm going to be switching to Empire, a Party skin, as soon as my money shows up to my NETeller account, which, thanks to Pacific's notoriously slow cash out process, will probably not be until next week. I won't be playing during that time, which is probably for the best, so hopefully I can get this losing feeling out of my system and start up fresh next week.

As of now, my poker career is looking pretty bleak. I'm going to get back to it next week and see where I stand at the end of September. At that point I'll reevaluate and decide if I want to keep doing this or start looking for a job. For the month of August, even after this horrible streak, I still made a little over $10 an hour, which, if I was able to maintain it, I could certainly live on. So I'm not completely giving up hope, but I have felt pretty hopeless over the past couple days.

When I start playing at Empire I may end up dropping a level and playing a couple of tables, depending on how the $100 NL games are, although from what I've heard the $100 games are pretty soft. I can't imagine them being as bad as Pacific, but who knows. I've also considered trying to play three or four tables of 2/4 or possibly 3/6 limit, but it's been awhile since I've played limit, so I'm going to have to change modes to get back into it. Plus, I really hate the, well, limitations in limit, but I may just have to put up with it if I intend to make any money at this.

For now, I'm going to stay away from anything poker-related and watch lots of football until I move my money over to Empire.


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