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Money 7
Interface and Customer Service 10
Player Difficulty and Frequency 6
Tournaments 5
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Overview -

True Poker is well known, if only for its top-notch graphics. The details of the avatars are far beyond a lot of sites, and set the standard in graphics for all others to follow. This doesnít even slow the games down too much even, and is really impressive to use. If you love the visual experience above everything else, then this site will be great for you. In addition to the graphics they have a few bonuses, and weak players. The site is still a nice site, but if tournaments and promotions increase they could become really big.

Money - 7/10

The promotions at True Poker are not the best around, although they have been improving. There is a 100% bonus up to $200 via some sites, and you can convert each $10 of this by playing 100 raked hands. This is not too hard to do if you play anything beyond the micro-limits. Other promotions include a $2,500 bonus pool for top fixed limit players, and a $40,000 tournament for top leaderboard players. There is also a player points system, and by playing in ring games you can earn different rankings whereby you can play in special freerolls with good prizes. There is also a football bonus whereby can predict who will score the most each week in NFL. They have also recently hosted satellites for the WSOP. Overall, their bonus package is solid, although definitely not up there with the best. Payouts are pretty standard, with cashouts in 1 or 2 days, and most deposit types are accepted. The minimum deposit is $20.

Interface and Customer Service - 10/10

The software at True Poker is definitely the best reason to play at this particular poker room. Since the iPoker sites removed their advanced graphics, this site is easily better than the rest in terms of visuals. You can choose highly detailed 3-D avatars, including cowboys, robots and aliens. The backgrounds are excellent, and this is one of the few sites where the graphics really enhance the playing experience. The lobby is simple to use, and provides good information. It is worth downloading the high-resolution software, as you can get the most out of the table then. Amazingly, the game speed is decent despite the detailed graphics. This is certainly the best software package of any poker site today. Unfortunately, they are let down a little by their customer service. They recently added telephone support, and this has caused both email and the telephone support to be slower than it should. However, I am sure this will get better as the support team gets used to the level of calls.

Player Difficulty and Frequency - 6/10

True Poker has not had many low-limit games before, but they have recently added quite a few of these, which is excellent news for those players with small bankrolls who want to use this software. The skill level seems to range from game to game, and is quite unpredictable. However, players are generally quite weak and if you play tight then you will do well in most circumstances. The pots here grow very quickly, and so you can definitely win big if you play only your premium cards. If you dislike unpredictable and aggressive players, then steer clear of this site. The low-limit tables have definitely improved traffic, but things are still a bit on the niche side of the market. However, you can usually find some sort of game going on at most times. Tournament traffic is low, but then again they donít offer a great deal in the way of tournaments

Tournaments - 5/10

Tournament traffic is low, but is roughly the same as the game traffic on the site. They are not known for hosting a great deal of tournaments, but they are getting better. They have recently hosted some WSOP satellites as well as $5,000 freeroll tournaments. They have a weekly $6,000 guaranteed tournament, and the prize pool is not bad for the number of players you will face. They have tournaments every half hour with $20-50 buy-ins, and some nightly freerolls that are popular. However, they still have some way to go to catch up with larger sites

User Reviews:
mark murphy     
I felt compelled to write a player review of True Poker as I constantly hear about the brilliance of their graphics and thatís about it. I think the site deserves a much more rounded review from a player, rather than from just the general independent site reviewers. It is true; the graphics are far more advanced and impressive than other poker sites, with great 3D avatars, but I personally found them too busy to play with at first. For me, although the graphics are great to look at, they make the game and the table too cramped in many ways. Iím not disputing their brilliance, but I canít be the only one who initially found this! With the number of items on screen at once, I found myself easily distracted and sometimes a bit confused. Whereas most people say this is the reason to play there, I think it is a reason not to! As you rightly said, the speed of software is not affected, but I do find it can affect the speed of my game. For instance, with so much going on, I find it difficult to determine who is still in play at times and so my pot odd calculations are slower and sometimes even wrong. I think the chip stacks could be made clearer also, but maybe Iím just being picky? Iím sure that I would find this easier with time, but to be honest the graphics put me off playing that frequently. Iím much more likely to play at a site with a clearer and plainer table layout. There are other points, though, that I think are great and well worth a mention. Firstly, the download time is fantastic and the instructions are probably the clearest Iíve seen on any poker site. I managed to download and open my real money account within a few minutes; four and a half to be precise, and this even including the registration email! Depositing is great also. For instance, when I paid with my credit card I got a popup which told me I would have to cashout a different way as the credit card wouldnít accept any withdrawals to the account. Although I knew this, I loved this feature. It is particularly good for a newbie, I think; informative and unobtrusive at the same time. Itís an innovative way of improving customer service; bringing it to another level. The customer service levels are great all round. Iíve always found them fast, friendly and very knowledgeable about any aspect Iíve queried. In terms of play, thereís not very much tournament action and as Iím an avid tournament player, I find this disappointing. I generally find particularly the sit and go tournaments slow and uninspiring. The level of detail in the tournament information section is so vast; Iím not sure whether I consider it a good or bad feature. Again, maybe a little too over the top. Of course, information is good, but it needs to be readable! The table listings are not very clear, which sometimes makes it a bit of a toil finding somewhere to join. Once Iíve found a table, however, the level of information on the table is excellent and clear. I particularly love the hints, and the concise playerís notes which already have selections, making them quick and easy to use. The games are very unpredictable though, and so combined with the confusing layout, this site is not my favourite. However, I like the gutsy approach and the willingness to try new things, so Iíll definitely keep an eye on it.
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