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Money 9
Interface and Customer Service 9
Player Difficulty and Frequency 7
Tournaments 7
Overall Star Rating
Titan Poker Review | Review Guide

Overview -

Titan Poker is a fairly new site, but has become popular quite quickly. They have some good promotions and traffic is improving each day. There are a lot of loose players there due to the site being relatively new, so it is a good place to make money. This is combined with solid technical aspects and excellent customer service, making for a good new poker room.

Money - 9/10

The bonuses at Titan Poker are good, with their cash back bonus being particularly enticing. The standard deposit bonus is 50%, although through some affiliated sites you can get a 100% bonus on your deposit up to $500. However, the bonus is not given immediately, and you have to play in games in order to earn ‘stars’. The bonus will then be released in $10 increments. If you are playing in low stakes games, it could take a long time to release that entire bonus. Like most sites they have a VIP Club, allowing you to earn bonuses for regular play. However, the best bonus is probably their link to the iPoker $100 million freeroll. If you qualify for this, then you have a chance at winning a massive $100 million on the final table if you get a Royal Flush. The payouts on the site are very smooth, and money is usually deposited within a day or two. There are a large number of deposit options, including: NETeller, Firepay, Central Coin, Citadel, Instadebit, PaySafeCard, UseMyBank, EcoCard, major credit cards, wire transfers, and cashier's checks. The minimum deposit is $20.

Interface and Customer Service - 9/10

The interface of Titan Poker is in a blue colour scheme, and it is clear and easy to follow. The graphics are quite good, and there is a good 3-D element to them. There are nice touches like being able to choose different card players to represent you digitally, as well as a graphical interface for hand history. However, the leaving of empty tables on the interface can be annoying. This annoyance is balanced by the excellent customer service on offer, with telephone, chat and email support available. The chat support is almost instant, and will help you sort out any problems you have as quickly as possible.

Player Difficulty and Frequency - 7/10

Titan Poker is a new site, and has many inexperienced players in the room. Sites that are newly established often attract new players, and this site is no exception. Despite the easy players, most of the action is limited to the low stakes games. However, this will surely change as the site improves its player base. This poker room is best for mid-limit games, which have a good flop percentage. Traffic on the site is still improving due to it being new, but the network is growing fast and should have good levels of players more often in the future months.

Tournaments - 7/10

The tournaments have been constantly improving since the room was opened, but there is still room for more events during the slower hours. There is a wide range of buy-ins and the $5 and $10 buy-in tournaments usually attract a few hundred players. There are smaller freeroll tournaments each day, but these events are not as well attended or well played.

User Reviews:
I recently stumbled upon Titan Poker, a relatively new online poker room. I was surprised that despite being new it is technically sound and has great customer service. I enjoy the clear, good 3D graphics. Most sites present stuff like hand history in a drab manner, but not so Titan Poker. Though support is available through telephone and e-mail as well, I recommend that you use the chat support. It is quick and the support staff is courteous and able. The financial transactions are equally smooth, which is important for me. All the normal deposit options are available and payout is without delay. Titan Poker gives great bonuses, but I find that you need to play a great deal in order to cash them. This is not a problem for me because I spend a lot of time playing online poker, but not everyone can do that. There is one advantage of Titan Poker being a new site that I often exploit. It is not yet attracting too many expert players and this gives me a chance to make money off loose players.
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