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Money 9
Interface and Customer Service 8
Player Difficulty and Frequency 9
Tournaments 8
Overall Star Rating
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Overview -

The Gaming Club is another site that is part of the Prima Network, which hosts a number of poker rooms. The Gaming Club is probably the best site on this network because of its promotional offers and weak players. Their promotions include an excellent Rookie Freeroll and they are always adding new bonuses and giveaways. The players are mostly from Northern Europe, and are very beatable if you are an aggressive player. They have good tournaments and a high level of player traffic, making them a great all-round site to play on.

Money - 9/10

Gaming Club Poker seems to have new promotions almost weekly, and this makes them an interesting site to use. Their deposit bonus of 100% up to $50 is pretty good, and although not the highest around it is easy to work off. You only need to play 350 raked hands in order to get the full amount in the first month, which can be done in a few sessions. They have a really good Rookie Freeroll, which has a $5,000 prize pool. You are eligible for this as soon as you sign up, and the prizes are divided nicely between the top 40 or 50 players. This is an extremely beatable event as only a few hundred players usually turn out each time, most of which are very inexperienced. They have other interesting promotions like WPT seats for anyone who earns a certain number of points in a year. Other bonuses change regularly, so you should check out the site for more details. Payouts are usually within 1 to 2 days, although the software on the site is a little slow and it can take a few minutes to access the page. However, the site is run by Belle Rock Gaming, and so is very financially stable.

Interface and Customer Service - 8/10

The software at gaming club is fairly similar to other Prima sites, but this is not a bad thing. Everything is fairly easy to use and there are some good features like pot sizes displayed with colour coding as to who is still playing. You can also resize the table, and everything is easy to see. However, the major advantage of the Prima software is that the cards are dealt quickly, making for smooth and speedy gameplay. Customer service is excellent, and they have a direct telephone number as well as email support. Both forms of support are handled very well and you can sort out problems very quickly.

Player Difficulty and Frequency - 9/10

The players here arenít the worst around, but they are certainly weak and fairly passive. If you play tight and aggressive then you can really do well against these players. They are very predictable and can be easily dominated by aggressive play. You need to play your vulnerable hands at the higher levels in order to make the most money. However, at lower levels the players are usually inexperienced and fairly beatable. Player traffic is usually food, and limit games up to $10 are the most popular. However, you do get some higher no-limit games with lots of people in now and then. There a large amount of European players on this network, meaning you can find a game at most times of the day or night. Tournament traffic is also good for both guaranteed and small stakes events.

Tournaments - 8/10

There are a large number of daily tournaments on Gaming Club, mainly because of the shared player network. There are some great $1 and $3 buy-in events, which work well for players with limited bankrolls or just for a little change from higher gameplay. They have 5 or so of these tournaments a day, and they are usually very popular. They also have decent traffic on higher buy-in events at the $25 and $30 level. One particularly excellent feature is the ability for users to create private tournaments, freerolls and ring games through the software. The process for this is quite easy, and allows you to play with a community of friends. There are plenty of daily freerolls, and overall the tournament schedule is strong.

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