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Money 9
Interface and Customer Service 7
Player Difficulty and Frequency 7
Tournaments 6
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Overview -

Sun Poker has a great monthly player bonus, which for regular players can give a good return. Apart from the regular 100% bonus up to $50, you can earn $40 a month through regular play. The site is popular with European players, and there are games in Euros, Pounds and Dollars. The player traffic is still fairly moderate, but it is increasing. They are offering more and more decent tournaments, so if you like a good bonus then this site is a good choice.

Money - 9/10

As previously sated, the bonuses at Sun Poker, especially for regular players, are really very good. Apart from the regular 100% deposit bonus up to $50, you can earn $40 a month for regular play. To get this you need to play regularly in ring games, and turnover about 200 raked hands a month. This is pretty low and is a great bonus if you want to play regularly on the site. They also have a prop player scheme, whereby if you set up new tables you can earn $10-30 per hour. Besides these excellent bonuses there are Bad Beat Jackpots and Royal Flush Jackpots. For a site of this size the bonuses are really top-notch. However, payouts at Sun Poker can be a little slow, as you need to get PIN through the post to initially withdraw money. This is for security and will appeal to those who want more secure transactions, but it can be annoying if you lose your PIN as you will need to send off for a new one. However, after you get the PIN cashouts take 1 to 2 days.

Interface and Customer Service - 7/10

The software at Sun Poker often gets criticised, but there really isnít that much wrong with it. The colour scheme is nice, and the games run quickly. Although nothing is particularly original, it all runs well and is by no means the worst package around. The game speed is very good, and with tables in multiple currencies there is enough going on here to make it playable. However, if you like top-end graphics and features then this probably isnít the best poker room for you.
Despite the problems with their software, their customer service is excellent. They have email, live chat and telephone support, all of which are quick and easy to use. This is the way all poker sites should operate in terms of customer support.

Player Difficulty and Frequency - 7/10

Sun poker has a lot of European casino players who have started to play poker on the site. Despite the fact that these players are pretty inexperienced, they are really quite aggressive. This can throw some players off their game, but if you play extremely tight and a little slower than normal you will do well. The pots are higher than normal, and so you can play lower stakes than normal and still make the same money. Their ring traffic is definitely their best asset, although tournament traffic is slowly increasing. Their promotions are really good and so a lot more players are likely to be attracted within the coming months. However, they are definitely lagging behind some of the larger sites at the money.

Tournaments - 6/10

Tournaments are getting better due to increasing traffic on Sun Poker and other Cryptologic Network sites. They have more events than ever before, including some nice low buy-in events for smaller bankrolls. These tournaments get around 150 players, which is a pretty good number. There are some good guaranteed prize pool events as well, and with European and US traffic there are popular events at most times of the day and night. There are also a lot of satellites into live poker events, which are always fun to play.

User Reviews:
I am a regular at Sun Poker because the site rewards loyalty and I find there are many regulars like me. Apart from the sign up bonus I have been enjoying the $40 per month for regular participation in ring games. Because I play online for long periods I easily reach the required turnover of 200 raked hands. I often set up new tables, which gives me around $20 per hour. Being a serious gamer I prefer playing quality to glamour and Sun Poker fits my needs. The software provided by Cryptologic gives games that are fast and great customer support. The fact that the graphics are simple and not the snazziest around does not bother me. I also enjoy the aggressive playing with higher pots, both of which add to the excitement. Though I personally avoid tournaments, let me tell you that the tournament traffic is increasing at Sun Poker because of low buy-ins, good guaranteed prize events and entries to live poker events.
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