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Royal Vegas Poker Rating

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Money 9
Interface and Customer Service 8
Player Difficulty and Frequency 8
Tournaments 8
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Royal Vegas Poker Review | Review Guide

Overview -

Royal Vegas Poker is owned by Royal Vegas Casino, and is their popular poker room. They have Lou Krieger, the famous poker writer, as their spokesman, and are one of the largest sites on the Prima network. They have some good promotions such as a free $10 offer, and some great large tournaments with small buy-ins. They are also well known for their Student Poker Tournament. All of these things are helping Royal Vegasí push to become a bigger and more popular poker site.

Money - 9/10

The best promotion at Royal Vegas is the free $10 of real money for signing up. This means you can play games without the need to spend any money, which is great for beginners or anyone who wants to get a feel for a new site. Also, when you make your first deposit you can play in a massive $15,000 freeroll, which is probably the largest new player freeroll around. They also host the College Poker Championship, that allows students to win scholarship prizes, with the winner getting at least $40,000 towards their education. Like many sites they have a loyalty program, and you can earn prizes through their ring games and leagues. There are also bad beat and random hand jackpots. Cashouts are slightly slower the first time due to extra security, but after this initial time it takes about 1 to 2 days to get money. Prima are one of the most secure sites around, which is always a good thing to know.

Interface and Customer Service - 8/10

The interface at Royal Vegas is fairly straightforward, and it has some interesting features. The graphics are fairly average, but the table and cards are easy to see. The cards are dealt extremely quickly, which is always a good thing. You can customise the table by shrinking the size and getting rid of the chat boxes, as well as highlighting players who are still involved. This is very usable software, which gives features you want without a lot of extras that are often unnecessary. Customer service is very good, with all the angles covered. There is telephone, live chat and email support, and the representatives seem to be knowledgeable when solving problems.

Player Difficulty and Frequency - 8/10

The players at Royal Vegas arenít the easiest around, but they are still very beatable. Most of the players are tight but weak, and will play passively. If you have a strong hand then you can usually build up a large pot, as players will usually call even with weak hands. The player traffic is high because of the Prima Network, and European players mean there are good games going on at most times. No-limit and fixed games are both popular and there are good games up to the high levels. Tournaments are usually quite busy as well.

Tournaments - 8/10

Royal Vegas Poker has a fairly good tournament schedule, and has some high-value tournaments with low buy-ins. One of the best around is their weekly $100,000 tournament, which has a low buy-in of $55. This is one of the lowest around, and makes a large tournament potentially playable for lower-level players. They have a large number of guaranteed tournaments, as well as single table tournaments. Other events include bounty tournaments involving the European Hendon Mob, and a few freerolls. Traffic is decent, with most events reaching 100 or more players. Overall, their tournament package is very solid.

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