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Money 7
Interface and Customer Service 10
Player Difficulty and Frequency 8
Tournaments 10
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Overview -

Poker Stars is one of the most popular poker rooms on the web, and has received massive fame due to the wins for Chris Moneymaker, Greg Raymer and Joseph Hachem in the WSOP. They all play under the Poker Stars banner and have helped to market the site as one for the upcoming professional. They boast that they have the best software of any site and that their players are of a much higher standard. They have more traffic than anyone else, and are definitely one of the premium poker rooms around.

Money - 7/10

The promotions of Poker Stars gear more towards serious players, and so there is less for the casual player here. They hold the World Championship of Online Poker, which carries a prize pool of over $8 million. They have a lot of good freerolls that give away big money, and there are a lot of large money tournaments. However, they don’t have a deposit bonus on a regular basis, although they have bonuses for frequent play. This site has some excellent benefits for serious players with a bankroll to burn, but does not cater as much for the smaller player.
As you would expect from such a professional site, payouts are extremely quick. Most payouts are received within 12 to 16 hours, and any amount under your original deposit is credited immediately. Like most larger sites they offer most methods of payment, although they have a higher minimum deposit than some at $25.

Interface and Customer Service - 10/10

Poker Stars often advertise that they have the best software around. The software isn’t hugely better than most sites, but it is a good package overall with a lot of features. You can upload your own photo to represent you whilst playing, and there are various themes of background to choose from, such as ‘Marine’ or ‘Saloon’. The hand history is excellent, and overall functionality and look is top-notch. They have spent time and money getting the game speed just right, and this all helps to make playing a lot of fun. The customer service is good, although they only have email response. The response times are excellent, but it would be nice to see a telephone or chat service facility.

Player Difficulty and Frequency - 8/10

Poker Stars has a reputation for tight play, and this makes it one of the harder sites around. Many inexperienced players are scared away by its reputation, but this is mostly exaggeration. Having said that, the players here are generally tighter and more experienced than other sites, catering to the higher-level player. However, this doesn’t mean players are better, and if you mix your game up then you can still make good money. Although some people will find the going tough, it makes a change to play against players who are less wild and erratic. If you like your play tight and challenging, Poker Stars is a good place to play.
Along with the tight play, there is a massive amount of traffic. This site has overtaken Party Poker to become the number 1 site in terms of player traffic. There are always games going on, even at the very high limits. During busy hours there can be as many as 100,000 using the site. You are always guaranteed to find a game to play at Poker Stars.

Tournaments - 10/10

Perhaps the biggest draw of Poker Stars is its excellent tournament offerings. It clearly has the best selection of tournaments on any site, with large numbers of satellites to guaranteed events and live tournaments. They have a weekly $1,000,000 guaranteed event, which is the biggest recurring tournament on any site in the world. They have massive tournament traffic, and so prize pools are usually high. If you like playing tournaments, then Poker Stars is for you.

User Reviews:
Jennifer Collins     
Poker Stars is a good poker site before you unlock your frequent player points. Until that time, you will have good hands and a lot of winners if you play them correctly. However, three other people I know and myself experienced a rapid and extremely long streak of bad beats and loosing hands right after the player points were unlocked. For example, you have a pair of aces with a Q kicker and the other player has a pair of aces with a 4 kicker. The board will give the other player a set. You have a flush Ace high and there are no pairs on the flop. The other player will get a boat. Or you have a lot of hands that didn’t even pair. Hands like these are normal to some degree, but all of us went through entire tournaments, one right after another, with this bad beat streak continuing and happening a lot within a tournament, but only after the player points were unlocked. I even started showing my hands and the other players made the unprovoked comment that I just couldn’t win. Essentially, this is a fun site to play on, but if you don’t want the house to win, I would suggest withdrawing your money as soon as the player points are unlocked.
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