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Money 10
Interface and Customer Service 9
Player Difficulty and Frequency 10
Tournaments 10
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Overview -

Pacific Poker is a very popular poker room owned by Casino-on-Net, and is particularly good for no-limit cash games. The software is good and has recently been upgraded to allow for multi-table play, and there is good international traffic. However, the biggest draw of Pacific Poker is that it has extremely easy (‘loose’) players and if your game is tight you can make a lot of money quickly. The poker room also has the biggest cash deposit bonus of any site at 50%. This site is definitely one of the best around if you want to make some money quickly.

Money - 10/10

Pacific Poker has some excellent bonuses on offer, including an instant 25% deposit bonus for visitors, up to a value of $100. Minimum deposits start at $20 to earn the bonus. This site is unique because the bonus is credited immediately, so there is no waiting around for your money. The playing requirements for the bonuses are quite low, which makes a refreshing change. In addition to the 25% bonus there is a weekly $1,000 Depositor’s Freeroll. You are eligible for this event as long as you make a qualified deposit during that week. The number of bonuses you can achieve is large, with other incentives including cash rewards for frequent betting and a variety of special promotions. Payouts are confirmed via email and are usually received within 2 or 3 days. The company that owns Pacific Poker is very stable financially and so can handle all your payment requests. In terms of deposit methods, they offer virtually all types available including: NETeller, Firepay, Citadel, checking accounts (E-Check), AVTeCASH, ePassporte, Laser, MoneyBookers, paysafecard, Solo, major credit cards, cashier's checks, and wire transfers. This site has excellent money handling facilities in addition to its generous bonuses.

Interface and Customer Service - 9/10

Pacific Poker may not have the best gaming software around, but it is easy to use and with their expansion into multi-table play it is very playable. The games can be played directly from the site and no downloads are required, meaning you can even play on your MAC. The speed of games is good, and seems to run more like real cards than other rooms.
As regards to customer service, this feature is not needed all that often because of the smooth operation they provide, but emails are answered promptly, and you will usually get a reply within 30 minutes. Pacific also provide a telephone number, which makes the service seem less impersonal than some other sites.

Player Difficulty and Frequency - 10/10

If you are a newbie or an experienced player, you will love playing at Pacific Poker. This site has some of the most inexperienced players around, and so it is a good place to try out your abilities if you are new to the game. Also, if you are more experienced then it is great for making money. Players here gamble here at every opportunity, and if you are a tight player you will make money quickly. If you want to play poker against people more at home on the Blackjack table, then this is the place to go. Player and tournament frequency is also high, as the room has been around for a few years. It is busy at most times because players come from all over North America and Europe. If you want a place to make money at any time of day, then Pacific Poker might be for you.

Tournaments - 10/10

Tournaments here are good, with there being 5 $10,000 guaranteed tournaments each day. Buy-in for these tournaments is low at only $15, and there are many other higher range events too. There is a big tournament each Sunday with $50,000 guaranteed, and as well as the freerolls there are sometimes $100,000 or $200,000 events. As well as these tournaments there are smaller tournaments that attract good player numbers, meaning a good level of equity for a small buy-in. They also have WSOP entry tournaments, with their $27 satellite tournaments giving a high percentage of entry into the direct-entry tournaments each week. There are also some great speed tournaments with 10-second time limits, where you can win money against inexperienced players who make mistakes in these short turns. Game choices include Hold’em, Omaha and Stud.

User Reviews:
Geoff Hancock     
I like playing at Pacific Poker but only if I’m playing Hold´em as this is where all the action stays. There’s a good range of games, with all limits available, but there’s so little action it can sometimes be difficult to get the game you want. Having said that, the Hold´em play is great; there are always a vast number of people playing, and there is a huge pool of fish just waiting to be caught! The Pacific Poker flop percentage is legendarily high, and very apparent when playing. The action is great at both high and low stakes tables, but I prefer to stick around the mid-range which I find challenging yet lucrative. The only down side of this, maybe, is that although doing pretty well money wise, I don’t think my poker playing has improved much due to the level of play. I do think the tournaments are good, but I’d personally like to see some better prized freerolls. Yes, they are frequent, and yes they are popular, but the prizes are generally pretty uninspiring. In fact, sometimes they’re too popular and it can be difficult getting a seat, though I guess that’s more my organization than their provision! The satellites are great though, and although I’ve not qualified yet I’ve been finding them pretty challenging and fun to play. I used to have a real problem with disconnections, but this seems to have virtually disappeared which is encouraging. Whatever they’ve done, they’ve done it well. I play much more confidently now, which has got to be a good thing! I like the new graphics. I think they’re much more attractive than the others, but still without too much fuss and nonsense. I like clear and clean graphics that don’t interfere with the game. I get too easily distracted, and anyway, I’m there to play not watch TV! In fact, these guys may not be the most innovative poker site around but they are definitely good at keeping up, and making updates, without overdoing it. A little bit of innovation wouldn’t go amiss, but I guess you can’t have it all. I’ve never had any problem with deposits other than the usual credit card refusal, which I can’t blame them for. I like the fact that you can deposit as little as $30 over the phone. It’s not overly advertised on the website but is definitely useful to know. The methods are updated frequently which is obviously great. The cashout policy confused me completely at first, but some nice support person took their time to explain it to me and now it all makes sense. In fact, I always find the staff friendly and helpful. I used to get a few emails which seemed like they were written for someone else, “template madness” I used to call it, but this was a long time ago. I think there is a good atmosphere on the site. The forum is pretty knowledgeable and chatty, and easy enough to navigate. The posts are all moderated, but the ones that go up seem to be pretty balanced so I don’t think this is such a bad thing. The avatars aren’t very good, but the conversation flows and I’ve picked up some great tips. The poker school is great for beginners. In fact, I started playing at Pacific Poker and have seen some definite improvements in this area. In all areas, in fact! I know people get used to what they know, but I’d say I still prefer Pacific Poker to other sites. For me, they have a good solid and reliable provision all round.
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