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Ladbrokes Poker Rating

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Money 8
Interface and Customer Service 8
Player Difficulty and Frequency 7
Tournaments 8
Overall Star Rating
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Overview -

Ladbrokes is the biggest European poker site, run by one of Europe’s oldest bookmakers. The site offers a good standard of play with a variety of tables and limits. The platform itself is as stable as you would expect from such a reputable company, and it offers variety and good pace in the game. The software is fast and reliable, and there are some really innovative ideas.

Money - 8/10

The company name of Ladbrokes ensures this is both financially secure and a highly trusted poker site. The deposit range suits the Ladbrokes market, and cashouts from the site are very reliable. It houses some excellent promotions, with some very innovative extras that are not found on other sites. These include payment for poker articles accepted on the site, and for player profiles which can be added after having played 200 real money games. The introductory bonus is currently excellent, with a 100% welcome bonus up to $500. Yet another forward thinking addition is the poker school which offers entry to a $1000 freeroll once completed.

Interface and Customer Service - 8/10

Although the graphics are good, Ladbrokes has a very no fuss approach, and so if you want something flashy, you will not be overly impressed. The software offers excellent playability and the stability is fantastic. The look is appealing though minimalist, with fast connection and response guaranteed. The graphics are part of the prima software of Microgaming, which is both familiar and popular. The interactive poker school is both informative and attractive, with a fantastic incentive to boot. The site in general gets good marks because of how interactive it is; with profiles, articles and even a daily bulletin. The staff is not just knowledgeable and efficient, but very friendly also which is very welcome. Their response time is usually much quicker than advertised time frame.

Player Difficulty and Frequency - 7/10

The Ladbrokes reputation ensures that there is action throughout the poker site. The most action is in the turbo Hold´em and shorthanded tables, which attract some very experienced players. The ultra high limit tables are a real challenge, and the play is loose and juicy. Statistically, the average viewed flop percentage for Ladbrokes´ full table is a pretty decent 40%. There is lots of traffic, as expected, with over 3000 ring game players and over 25,000 tournament players at peak times. An interesting new dimension added that is worth watching and again innovative is the student poker section.

Tournaments - 8/10

The quality and quantity of tournaments is as you would expect from such an established name. There is a lot of action at the tournaments, and it is here that the most aggressive play can be witnessed. The tournaments have an excellent balance of freerolls, guaranteed, and satellites into all live events. The leader board adds nice competitive edge, and winners can get some fantastic tournament prizes. Again, Ladbrokes shows an interest in experimental ideas, with interesting prizes such as “win a share of a racehorse”. Ladbrokes are the only official suppliers online of WSOP satellites.

User Reviews:
What I like about Ladbrokes Poker is that despite being an old site it has kept abreast with the innovations in online gaming. Hence it provides the correct mix of experience and novelty and a lot of variety as well. This philosophy is seen in the promotions offered. I have availed of the normal deposit bonuses but have added considerably to my balance by contributing articles on poker. Though you may not need their interactive poker school, I recommend that you ‘graduate’ from it and avail of the free entry to a $1,000 free roll awaits you. The tournaments are also a mix of the standard and the new. I see that the free roll, guaranteed and satellite tournaments are the mainstay. But there is a tournament that offers an ownership share in a racehorse. I have been playing that regularly and hopefully will be the proud part owner of a thoroughbred soon. Technically the focus is on speed, playability and stability, which is not surprising because Microgaming is the software provider to Ladbrokes poker.
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