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InterPoker Poker Room Review Rating

Review Out of 10
Money 9
Interface and Customer Service 6
Player Difficulty and Frequency 7
Tournaments 7
Overall Star Rating
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Overview -

InterPoker have the best loyalty program of any poker site, which helps them to draw in players from all the around the world. Definitely one of the best sites for international play, they offer games in Euros, Pounds and Dollars. The software is fairly basic but solid, and the customer service is great. If you love bonuses and want to be rewarded for regular play, then InterPoker is the place to play.

Money - 9/10

InterPoker probably has the best loyalty program around, with each month the potential to get $90 of bonuses directly from them. This bonus is given to you for regularly playing in their ring games, with you needing to play a certain number of raked hands to get hold of the bonus. This is quite easy to do for mid-level players, although lower stakes players may struggle to get the full amount. If you stick with the site then you can earn this bonus regularly. They also have a prop player program, which allows you to earn $10 to $30 per hour for starting new tables. InterPoker has other promotions such as Royal Flush and Bad Beat jackpots. Overall, they have an excellent package of bonuses and promotions. Payouts at the site are one of the slowest around, mainly due to the extra security measures in place. In order to initially withdraw money you are sent a PIN through the post that you use to access your cashout amounts. Once you have the PIN then cashout time is only a day or so, but if you lose the PIN then you will need to be sent a new one. This extra security might appeal to some, but with virtually no other sites using this method it seems a little unnecessary.

Interface and Customer Service - 6/10

InterPoker has come in for a lot of criticism for its extremely basic graphics, and whilst some of this criticism is harsh the software isnít the best. Although functionality is more important, the graphics and look of this poker room are below many others. Having said that, the software runs fairly well and the games are quick. There are a number of different customisable features, and if the graphics were better the package would be pretty decent. Although the software might lack excellence, the customer service does not. There is good email support as well as a phone number for each country to give you immediate assistance.

Player Difficulty and Frequency - 7/10

The players here are quite aggressive, if somewhat inexperienced. They are by no means the worst players around, and you can definitely meet your match here against some opponents. There are a large amount of international players, which makes things a little tighter than normal, although players are fairly beatable. If you play tight and clever you should do well. However, if you are used to dominating a table then these slightly unpredictable players may throw you off a little. The site is on a shared network so traffic is fairly good and will continue to improve. Ring game traffic is highest, and with international players using this site you can find game at all hours of the day and night.

Tournaments - 7/10

The traffic is getting better and better at InterPoker, and even during off-peak hours there are so decent tournaments going on. There are more events available now than ever before, and there is a wide range of buy-in amounts. The most popular events are satellites and guaranteed tournaments, and with lower traffic than some sites these events can be extremely winnable. There is good traffic for both low and medium buy-in tournaments, and overall the tournament selection is fairly solid.

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