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Money 9
Interface and Customer Service 9
Player Difficulty and Frequency 9
Tournaments 9
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Overview -

Full Tilt is a fairly popular site that is increasing in popularity due to its advertising campaigns and large bonuses. Full Tilt have been trying to improve their traffic by offering great promotions to customers, as well as advertising on TV and through sponsorship of big poker names. The site is very professional and has excellent original software. The players here might be tougher than some other sites, but you can still do well here. This site is a good bet for both the new player and the high-stakes professional.

Money - 9/10

Full Tilt has one of the best deposit bonuses online, with a 100% bonus possible through certain sites and with certain codes. Although the bonus is only released in $10 increments as you play, it isnít too hard to get hold of the full amount, and you can check the bonus progress at any time. There is also a 50% reload bonus for future deposits, as well as a points system for frequent play. These points allow you to get free items or enter special freeroll events, including WSOP freeroll events. Payouts at the site are excellent and are handled within one day. Transactions of most types are possible, although they have a high minimum deposit of $50. Overall, their bonuses and promotions are good and their payout system is very professional.

Interface and Customer Service - 9/10

The Full Tilt software has a different look from many, with cartoon style graphics. Although some people might not like this, the software package is excellent and it is always nice to see original features like this. There is a good range of characters to choose from in terms of avatars, and there are some nice deck and background visuals as well. In addition to the interesting cartoons, the graphical interface for hand history is one of the best. Combined with really fast gameplay and Mac compatibility, Full Tilt has one of the best software packages of any poker room. The customer service is very quick, with email responses in about 10-20 minutes. However, it would be nice to see more contact options than just email.

Player Difficulty and Frequency - 9/10

Full Tilt poker is probably not a good site for beginners, with players playing extremely tight, especially in the ring games. Flop percentages are much lower than some other sites, and unless you know what you are doing you might be caught out. However, if you play a little slower and have some experience then you can still win big, and the tighter play might be a refreshing change. The traffic is still on the borderline of being a niche site, but it has increased a lot over the past few months. There is good participation during peak hours, which will allow you to pick between the tighter and looser games.

Tournaments - 9/10

Full Tilt has a good list of daily tournaments at a wide range of buy-ins. Also, they have just begun a $200,000 guaranteed weekly tournament, which is good for serious players and is one of the best weekly tournaments around. They have some good satellite tournaments, and also gave away 100 seats for this yearís WSOP main event through freerolls. However, many of the holdíem tournaments have a buy-in of $20 or more, which will not appeal to low-stakes players. The tournaments are good for serious or mid-level players, although there are still some options for lower-stakes players. The freeroll tournaments are good because they give you entry to higher-level tournaments should you do well.

User Reviews:
The best thing about Full Tilt poker for me is getting to play against professionals in tournaments. This may be a bit celebrity and a bit gimmicking to many poker players, but I am relatively new player and I consider myself an average Joe. Iím far from the best player around, and do OK but am hardly at the stage of retiring from my poker winnings, and so this makes it worth while for me. In my eyes, getting the opportunity to play against any poker pro has got to be highlight. There is always lots of action on site, though as always most of it surrounds the Holdīem games. This is not a problem as this is all I enjoy playing anyway, but if you like to vary your game, thereís not that much action here. It accepts US players still, though whether this is a good or bad thing depends upon the player. I like it as it helps keep the games tight and tough. The games are solid and a real challenge, and as my current strategy is based around improving my game, Iím finding playing here invaluable. Although I prefer ring games, I do play tournaments but mainly because I find them a cost effective way to improve my game, rather than because theyíre particularly attractive. Iíve seen much better prizes elsewhere, but I know Iím guaranteed good numbers with Full Tilt. The money part seems good to me. Each time Iíve requested a cashout it has been fast, secure and accurate. Iíve never experienced any problems depositing, and my bankroll as always been spot on; Iíve had a few problems with missing money on other sites and even though the problem has been rectified quickly, it makes me wary. Although it has been the cause of complaint for many, I like the way the bonus is paid out in increments. I find it beneficial to receive a regular top up rather than a single lump sum. Saying that, I havenít yet received the full amount and the clock is ticking. Many people misunderstand the bonus and get stung so make sure youíre well informed. The bonuses points earned through regular play get rewarded with branded stuff as well as entry to freerolls which I love. I seem to get more from the bonuses here than I do on sites where they get converted for cash. It could just be the gimmicky side of me coming out again, but I think its nice to see something physical for your loyalty. A feature I do like is the friend finder, as I have a lot to learn and it means I can track down players whose style and strategy I admire, picking up the worthwhile tips as I go. I find the table reasonable, but I must say I hate the avatars with a passion. I go over to True Poker and they look amazing and then I come back to play with these inferior quality and poorly presented cartoons. The site is good for new players as there is lots to learn, and good fun. But if you are adverse to gimmicks and graphics count highly on your criteria for a poker site, then I would recommend going elsewhere.
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