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Money 5
Interface and Customer Service 6
Player Difficulty and Frequency 6
Tournaments 5
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Overview -

Everest Poker is a European poker site, but it has recently started opening up to players in America as well. They have good Sit ‘n Go promotions where you can win real money, and the interface has some nice graphics. They have a large number of satellites for live tournaments in Europe, and they deposit bonus is excellent for high-stakes players. The most unique feature of the site is the fact that the poker room is multilingual.

Money - 5/10

The promotions at Everest Poker are pretty decent, with a $100 free bonus on any deposit through some sites. However, unless you play really high stakes this will take a long time to work off. You have to wager $100 just to get hold of $1 of the bonus, so this will take a large bankroll to be worthwhile. This is Everest’s only major promotion, apart from cash freerolls. They do have a loyalty system, and for regular play you can get into real cash tournaments. You can also win money through their free tournaments and if you win a lot of tournaments consecutively you could make $80 without spending anything. Payouts through NETeller are fast, but they do not offer Firepay support, which is a little poor.

Interface and Customer Service - 6/10

The software on this design is decent, and the avatars are detailed. The table graphics are sharp, although the gameplay can be fairly slow sometimes. Another problem is that the card graphics can be hard to see, as they are small, although this has got better. Despite this, the package feels original and has some nice touches. There are far worse packages out there, and nothing is particularly annoying about the interface. As far as customer service goes, there are only email forms for support. Although the response is fast, telephone or live chat support is always preferred.

Player Difficulty and Frequency - 6/10

The play is limited to the micro-limits during off-peak hours, but at European times there are some good no-limit games up to $4. The players in this game are not great, but at the higher levels play is definitely better than some sites. Play against the weaker players at the lower limits to get the easiest money, and stay tight and push your strong hands. Player traffic is variable, with peak hours having good traffic whilst other hours having low traffic. Overall, the traffic is fairly low, especially for tournaments. The best times for play are early morning to evening in the U.S.

Tournaments - 5/10

The best tournaments at Everest Poker are the daily freerolls in which you can win cash or tournament tokens. Winning credit for other tournaments is a nice idea, and it lets you choose the right events to enter. Tokens are also given away at buy-ins, so you can get into decent tournaments quite easily. However, tournament traffic is low, but this is good for the satellite tournaments for live European events as it decreases the competition.

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