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CD Poker Room Review Rating

Review Out of 10
Money 9
Interface and Customer Service 8
Player Difficulty and Frequency 5
Tournaments 6
Overall Star Rating
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Overview -

CD Poker is one of a number of poker rooms that are part of the iPoker network, which means it has a solid company behind it and established traffic. The site has good bonuses and promotions for new and regular players, as well as improving tournaments. The player base is fairly inexperienced and so tight players will do well here. The site is well done and is good for both new players who want a quick fix or high-bankroll players who want to make the most of the large deposit bonus promotions.

Money - 9/10

CD Poker have a bonus that caters to high-stakes players, with a 100% bonus up to $500 through some sites. This is good for players with a large bankroll. In addition, they have a 50% reload bonus for players who return, which is good if you like the site and want to use it again. CD Poker also have some innovative Sit ‘n Go jackpot bonuses, including a $25,000 prize if you win consecutive 6-player $20 events. There is also a $2,000 prize if you win consecutive $2 12-player tournaments. Although it is extremely hard to win these tournaments consecutively, it is a nice promotion if you fancy giving it a shot. Payouts are excellent because of the iPoker network being so stable, and it usually takes 24 hours for a NETeller withdrawal. Most forms of deposit are accepted, with the minimum deposit of $20 fairly typical.

Interface and Customer Service - 8/10

The CD Poker software is a solid package in terms of both features and graphics. You can choose your own avatar, and the cards are easy to see. The hand history feature is particularly good as it uses a graphical display rather than text. The ‘all-in’ button is also a nice feature, and helps to loosen up games as people are more tempted to bluff and bet their chips. The lobby is clear although they should move empty tables from the menu to save having to look through them by mistake. Although the software is not the best, the same cannot be said for their customer service. They have all types of live support including email, chat and telephone support. Response time is quick and if you have problems they can be sorted out quickly.

Player Difficulty and Frequency - 5/10

The CD Poker team seem to be trying to attract new players, and it has worked. Many of the players on this site are loose and inexperienced, allowing experienced and tight players to do very well. Decisions need to be made quickly in this poker room and this causes new players to make mistakes. You can capitalise on this and win out by building large pots on strong hands. Player traffic is improving, although full mid to high-level games are still fairly hard to come by. Many of the games at around $5/$10 are shorthanded, and tournament traffic is only average. This site is still in its early stages and should improve further with time.

Tournaments - 6/10

Tournament traffic at CD Poker is not that great, although the number of players is growing. The weekly tournaments on offer are getting better, with events of $20,000 guaranteed now going on. There is a monthly $25,000 event and sometimes events of a few hundred thousand dollars or more. You can play in $100 freerolls for the first 90 days of your membership to get used to the site. The most popular events are small buy-in tournaments, and some of these tournaments have a decent prize pool for a small buy-in. The tournament schedule is good as they have regular events at specific times so you can easily schedule when to play. The players in tournaments are still fairly inexperienced and so experienced players should be able to finish well more often than not.

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