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Money 9
Interface and Customer Service 8
Player Difficulty and Frequency 5
Tournaments 4
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Overview -

Bugsy’s is a nice poker site, and is run by people at PokerSchool and PokerPages. The site has low traffic, but definitely has potential. It is favoured by a small bunch of loyal players, and has a community feel. The play is hard, but much less hard than many people believe. There player notes feature allows you to keep traffic of regular players and their particular moves, which can help you to win out. They have good if somewhat basic software, responsive customer service and some nice WSOP promotions. For a different type of poker playing experience this site works well.

Money - 9/10

Bugsy’s Club have a 50% bonus up to $300 through some of their featured sites on your first deposit. You can earn this bonus fairly quickly even on the mid-limits, and it takes 100 points to earn every $10. Other promotions include freerolls for the WSOP main event when it happens, and some good poker league action. If you play regularly then you can earn a lot through the league, with Bugsy’s claiming they give out $10,000 a month to league players. Cashouts are quick, and usually take 1 to 2 days. Most deposit methods are accepted and the minimum deposit is $25.

Interface and Customer Service - 8/10

Bugsy’s Club has some really unique and original software, although the table can be a bit small at high resolutions. The interface is easy to use, and the game speed is fast thanks to recent improvements. The cards are dealt quickly, and having original software is always good. However, if you like sleek graphics then this software might seem a bit simple, even if it does have a nice retro feel to it. The live chat support is the best form of customer service they have, as it allows for instant replies to your problems. The email support is also fairly quick, with prompt responses to problems.

Player Difficulty and Frequency - 5/10

This site is meant to have some of the better and tighter players online, and in some ways this is true. There are some good players, and because traffic is low they get to know each other. However, this site is by no means the hardest around, and it can be fairly loose sometimes. If you use the player notes facility then you can learn about the players who regularly play and their moves. This will help you to make decisions when you have a tough hand.
Player traffic is still very much on the nice market side of things, but they have a loyal player base that is always around. You can find games at lower limits, and the freerolls are popular. However, there are very few busy tournaments, and it is more for people who want to play with a small community of regular players.

Tournaments - 4/10

Bugsy’s club definitely has potential, but with a lack of tournament traffic it is difficult at the moment. Their guaranteed tournaments are only around 20 times the buy-in, which is not great. However, they have added a $10,000 weekly tournament and they have some freerolls. The best tournament at Bugsy’s is the free seat to the WSOP, which you can get through various freeroll heats and then a final tournament.

User Reviews:
Nelson Evans     
After 3 years at most internet poker sites Bugsys poker is the worst scam site I have encountered. Minimum deposit $25.00 but to withdraw you must have at least $50.00 and ALSO, this is the kicker that I have never seen before. You must have earned so many points per YOUR dollar you want back. What the hell is that all about. Are these real criminals as the name Bugsy implies. BY the way flushes, continued aces etc. should make you realize that this sites Random Number Generator is corrupted outrageously. This site should be banned from the internet so save your money and waste it longer at another site. Happy days!!!!!
Nelson Evans     
Did you ever hear the phrase, Entrapment. Bugsys Club refuses to return your money deposited with them untill you play numerous hands to accquire sufficent points to withdraw. This is the only internet poker site that has this unethical requirement for withdrawal. So Please, save yourself aggravation and do not give them your hard earned money. Bugsys Club name should say it all, crooked. Now about their Random number generator, forget it, its fixed and bad beats galore. I cannot say anything good about this site except I hope they go out of business to prevent the entire industry from suffering.
dsug yaudfdsd g fgf
Scam site of all poker sites is Bugsys club. Many things wrong with this site. To many to list STAY AWAY FROM Bugsys club
justin price     
Starting with no money and no bbps,. I managed to build a decent bankroll- just by transferring bps. The site does seema little farfteched at times, but, if u can figure out the tweaks and make money for nothing, it's a good deal
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