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Bet 365 Poker Rating

Review Out of 10
Money 7
Interface and Customer Service 8
Player Difficulty and Frequency 7
Tournaments 7
Overall Star Rating
Bet 365 Poker Review | Review Guide

Overview -

The Bet365 poker site offers all the quality and security that would be expected from an established name which already boasts a successful sports book and casino. Bet365 is part of the Microgaming network, and as a result it attracts a high volume of traffic, and offers a wide variety of games and limits. The software has excellent stability and playability, with very little downtime. The play is challenging, and the promotions make this a site worth trying. As a new site, there almost certainly lots more to come.

Money - 7/10

Bet365 offers a great variety of deposit and cashout methods, with reliably fast and efficient service. The current welcome bonus stands at 100% to a maximum of $500, and there is a fixed rate for referrals. The majority of bonuses are in the form of tournament freerolls which do not have any rake requirements. These are regular and accessible, despite their obvious popularity. There is a standard loyalty scheme that is based on loyalty points earned through raked hands. The inspiring bonus is the fantastic bad beat jackpot. This is paid out when four of a kind eights or better is beaten in any real money cash game.

Interface and Customer Service - 8/10

The graphics are clear, simple and efficient. Definitely part of the more subtle school of graphics, the pages are easy to manoeuvre and understated. A welcome feature is the choice of three table sizes which can make a difference when playing multiple games. The statistics shown are informative, and although the software is reliable it is far from exciting. An added feature is an affiliation with Pokerwiz for poker instruction. The support standards are high, with fast and efficient service provided through telephone, email and chat support. The staff is approachable, friendly and informative, whatever time the query is lodged.

Player Difficulty and Frequency - 7/10

Bet365 poker boasts great loose cash games, with guaranteed numbers at all times and a range of games including Omaha Hi Lo and all with all limits. Particularly good are the turbos, with loose and juicy action and a very high flop percentage seen. The play is fast and furious, with a high volume of traffic and up to 120 players’ hands per hour. There can be over 3000 ring game players and 25,000 tournament players at peak times. The tournament play can be very aggressive with many experienced players and so may be a little startling for the poker beginner. The level of expertise makes the site excellent for average players who want to improve their game. The cash game leader boards add an attractive competitive edge.

Tournaments - 7/10

The tournament play is fast paced and full of experienced players, with a guaranteed high volume of traffic. Particularly popular are their extensive range of freerolls, which run several times daily. There are also an impressive number of daily guaranteed tournaments in addition to a $200000 guaranteed weekly, and $250000 guaranteed monthly which can be entered through satellite wins. There is an unimpressive number of tournaments for live events. However, the leader board presents yet another competitive edge, with champions earning fantastic prizes.

User Reviews:
Pierre Merrien     
Bet 365 looks great!.. If you wanted to play for real that is..? I downloaded the 'Play for Fun' EXE file and could'nt find the link to the area where you could play for FREE. I wanted to play poker for free on Bet365 so I could see what the table looked like etc. I play poker on many betting websites but was really upset that I could'nt play for free. Well that's what I think!
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