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Poker Stars
Posted at 05/06/2013 07 PM in Beginner Topics by The Greedy Gecko.
Poker Stars --- Pokerstars have an understanding of tilt and how much it can affect a game if a player gives into it too deeply. This is a term that is used to describe the emotions that usually consist of frustration and anger during a poker game. We can usually put this alongside of losing a lot of chips but goin...

How to Play Rush Poker at FullTilt
Posted at 04/19/2013 08 PM in Beginner Topics by The Greedy Gecko.
How to Play Rush Poker at FullTilt --- How to Play Rush Poker at FullTilt

Now that Full Tilt Poker has reopened under the ownership of PokerStars it means Rush Poker is back. Today there is a handful of poker rooms offering fast-fold poker variants, but the original fast-fold poker game (Rush Poker) was developed by FullTilt.

Best Omaha Poker Tools
Posted at 04/19/2013 08 PM in Beginner Topics by The Greedy Gecko.
Best Omaha Poker Tools --- Best Omaha Poker Tools

There arenít nearly as many Omaha poker tools on the market as Holdem tools, but there are two excellent options. Having an edge on your opponents in any poker game is important and the two Omaha poker tools below will improve your game.

Both of these Omaha odds...

Best MTT Poker Tools
Posted at 04/09/2013 09 PM in Beginner Topics by The Greedy Gecko.
Best MTT Poker Tools --- Poker players have developed dozens of software tools to help dominate multi-table tournaments (MTTís). Theyíre not all built the same however, and the last thing you want to do is utilize an MTT poker tool that doesnít work or isnít updated regularly.

Best Multi-Table Tournament Poker Tools...

Three Card Poker
Posted at 03/30/2011 07 PM in Beginner Topics by The Greedy Gecko.
Three Card Poker --- In the world today, there are as many casino games as one can possibly imagine. Most of these casino games are played using cards. They all have standard rules that govern the manner in which they should be played. Poker is a perfect example of the popular casino games that there are in the world. I...

Poker Software
Posted at 01/26/2011 05 AM in Poker Strategy by The Greedy Gecko.
Poker Software --- In recent years, the online version of Poker has grown in popularity and this has lead to software for Poker being available in the market. For all of you who want to play online poker, you should know some things about the Poker software that is available. First, good poker software should ensure t...

Chinese Poker
Posted at 06/03/2009 11 AM in General Discussions by The Greedy Gecko.
Chinese Poker --- Chinese poker, also known as Russian poker, is getting more popular all over the world although it originally started in Asia as the name indicates. It is even played online now making it easily available to everyone especially the new players who may want to learn how to play it.


Tips on Playing Poker
Posted at 10/15/2008 03 AM in Beginner Topics by Sack.
Tips on Playing Poker --- Poker is the kind of game where luck plays a very important role; however, there is definitely a large amount of skill that goes into the game as well, and this can help a player maximize his returns on good hands, and on the flip side, minimize his losses on the not-so-good hands. Here we will disc...

Common Mistakes Poker Players Make
Posted at 09/14/2008 02 AM in General Discussions by Wiggie.
Common Mistakes Poker Players Make --- Poker, as any and everyone who have tried their hands at the game or who know how the game is played will tell you that Poker is a game of skill. No doubt a little luck will go a long way in any game, but poker is game of wits where you have to know when to hold and when to fold and how to play your...

Putting the Play Back in Poker
Posted at 08/30/2008 09 PM in General Discussions by Sack.
Putting the Play Back in Poker --- With the mélange of poker tournaments on offer all around the world and online, poker has come to be seen as a serious sport. A number of novelty companies have put the fun back in the game by creating little collectibles that can be used to customize your poker experience.

A quick Googl...

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